European American football leagues still in suspension, cancellations have started

With the coronavirus holding Europe in a firm grip, the list of American football leagues that have postponed all activity is long but more and more are canceling the season.

The most recent is France although an official announcement has not yet been made. The Swiss American Football Federation was the first nation to cancel the league although they may hold some form of competition in another format.

The German Football League will remain suspended until late April at which time an announcement will be made although it is more likely that a decision will be made sooner than that now. Austria is mulling over three different scenarios while the league is suspended and the same situation applies to Italy.  The Czech Republic, Great Britain, Spain, HollandPortugalBelgium, Turkey, Serbia, as well as DenmarkNorway and Finland (whose seasons have not started the season yet) have all suspended all activities. Most of these countries are in lockdown so the likelihood of a return to normal activities in the near future seems small.

Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus have all put their American football activities on hold and since their seasons were not scheduled to start, all three have stated they will hold off making a final decision for now.

Status of  European countries affected by COVID-19

Austria –  Suspended

Belarus – Suspended

Belgium – Suspended

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Suspended

Croatia – No information

Czech Republic – Suspended

Denmark – Suspended

Finland – Suspended

France – Cancelled

Germany – Suspended

Great Britain –  Suspended

Holland – Suspended


Ireland – Suspended

Israel –  Suspended

Italy – Suspended

Norway – Suspended

Poland LFA – Suspended

Portugal- Suspended

Romania – Suspended

Russia – Suspended

Serbia – Suspended

Slovakia – Suspended

Slovenia – No information

Spain – Suspended

Sweden – Suspended

Switzerland – Cancelled

Turkey – Suspended

Ukraine – Suspended (Some activity taking place)

Current situation

The World Health Organization has proclaimed this to be a pandemic and instead of abating, it seems to be picking up steam, at least in Europe. As of March 22, a total of almost 310,000 COVID-19 cases were confirmed in almost 190 countries. A total of 13,068 people have died throughout from the virus with Italy now accounting for the highest number of fatalities, 4,825.

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