European and African Countries that Allow Betting On International American Football

Sports fans might be surprised to learn American football is played all over the world.

While the most famous teams in the sport obviously play in the United States, the popularity of American football in Europe has been growing fast.

Wembley has hosted a number of NFL matches already and more are going to be coming to the English capital in the near future, giving European fans a chance to see the best players.

Betting on American football is also very popular across the globe, although it is not always as easy to find odds on the sport as it is for others such as soccer, golf, cricket or tennis.

Luckily, we have put together a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about betting on American football in both Europe and Africa. Read on for all the details!

American football competitions to look out for

The NFL is globally recognized and the end-of-season Super Bowl is one of the top sporting events of the calendar each year.

But which other American football competitions should fans of the sport be looking out for?

Many countries around Europe have their own domestic tournaments but the standard of these is often not the best, particularly when compared to the best teams that play in the NFL.

But the BIG6 European Football League can be surprisingly good fun, with the New Yorker Lions of Germany the current champions after they easily defeated the Frankfurt Universe 55–14 in the most recent final.

The good news is that with comparatively little interest in European American football leagues, this presents a fine betting opportunity for sports fans willing to take time to study the action.

Bookmakers are not as educated on these tournaments as they are for a higher profile event such as the NFL, so there can be a lot of good value to be found in the betting odds.

And anyone who wants a break from scouring sportsbooks for the best available prices on American football matches around the world has a number of different gambling options.

Slots with a sports theme are available on a lot of gambling websites now and they can provide high levels of entertainment – as well as the chance to win a massive amount of money.

NoDepositHero lists 5 of the best USA themed sports slots with no deposit offers to get you started on the action!

Where can you bet on American football competitions?

NFL betting is easy to find and most big name betting brands will run some sort of special offer or promotion around the Superbowl each year in a bid to attract casual fans of the sport.

But for those who want to go deeper and bet on American football action taking place elsewhere in the world, odds can be a bit harder to find.

One of the best British betting companies is Skybet and this is a great place to start for those who are planning to place a lot of bets on American football.

At the time of writing, it is the off-season for the the BIG6 European Football League so these prices are not yet ready to be bet on by customers.

But Skybet does have various other American football options to choose from, including the tournament that is currently taking place as part of the IFAF European Championships.

Finland, Austria, France, Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden are the teams to have been entered and all the action is available to stream in high definition online to boot.

This means American football fans waiting for the start of the new NFL season can get their fix with the IFAF European Championships – as well as having the chance to bet on the action.

What markets are available for betting on American football?

NFL betting is famous for its huge array of betting markets and, unfortunately, there are not quite as many options for American football matches being played in other competitions.

Handicap markets tend to still be on offer and these are a good way to make a match that is expected to be quite one-sided a little bit more interesting.

In addition, users may be able to place wagers including on the winning margin of the match, as well as the total number of points that are going to be scored over the course of the game.

What is for sure is that as the popularity of American football betting continues to rise in both Europe and Africa, more bookmakers will start to offer this as an option, with competitions aside from the NFL set to be priced up as markets.

American football betting fans might just need to be patient for now, but with bookies such as Skybet already offering odds on non-NFL matches it looks like the future is going to be bright.

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