Everything You Should Know About the 2021 NFL Season

Even though it seems as though Super Bowl LV just happened, the talks for the upcoming season are well underway. Will the Buccaneers manage to hold onto their hard-earned title? Or will an underdog skyrocket to the top of the list?

If you want to find reliable NFL predictions and the best odds available on industry-leading betting platforms, a site like Wincomparator will provide you with many options to explore before the season starts. But, before we get into the specifics, let’s get a clear overview of what’s to come.

What Does an Enhanced Schedule Mean?

You may have heard talk of an enhanced schedule, but what does this actually refer to? According to ESPN, NFL owners officially approved the expansion of the regular season from 16 to 17 games. The plan is to have 17 games over 18 weeks, meaning teams will still get one bye week during the season.

Even with this massive change, the season will open on Thursday, September 9, 2021. However, the regular season is expected to end on February 13 instead of February 6, 2022.

The scheduling will, of course, work a little bit differently — with an odd number of games, the process will consist of two parts. NFC and AFC teams will alternate between eight and nine home games every year. In this season, AFC teams will have nine home games.

That one extra game represents a cross-reference matchup of the divisional standings from the previous year and the rotation of the division schedule from two seasons prior.

Officials say that the enhanced season will allow each team to play an international game at least once every eight years.

When Will the 2021 NFL Schedule Be Released?

Typically, the NFL schedule is released during the second or third week in April. However, the release date has varied over the years, making it impossible to predict the exact day we’ll see the NFL schedule go live. Still, one thing is certain — we’re all becoming more excited as time passes.

2021 NFL Draft

This year’s NFL draft is scheduled to happen between April 29 and May 1, with Jacksonville Jaguars being the first to select. After Las Vegas hosted the 2020 NFL draft, the honor fell upon Cleveland this year. The draft will go back to Vegas in 2022, while Kansas City will be the host in 2023.

While you wait for the draft, you can take a look at the NFL’s official team-by-team list of opponents for every game this season.

Which Teams to Look Out For?

While it’s still early to predict the upcoming Super Bowl LVI champion, some teams have shown great promise. Naturally, the first ones that come to mind are the current champions — Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With their majestic win in the previous season, the Bucs seem prepared to give their all to retain the trophy. However, we can’t dismiss the Kansas City Chiefs who let that same trophy slip through their fingers. After all, they are ready to prove the entire world wrong and go all the way.

Of course, these aren’t the only two teams playing — we’ll see a lot of action in the upcoming months, and we’re more than ready to enjoy some first-class football.

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