Exploring Two Technology Advancements in the National Football League

One of the sports with the most spectators worldwide and unquestionably the sport with the most followers in the United States is American football. The sport has evolved in a variety of ways over the course of its history, and the numerous technologies that have been utilized to improve the game have brought upon some entirely new dimensions. As a result of the fact that games can now be viewed in HD and can be seen on multiple devices with the added bonus of being provided access to an array of information means that you will be able to see a lot of information from the match. This also means that you do not have to go on a third-party website to get in-game analysis of the current LIVE match. Due to this, gambling on the NFL is incredibly popular and there are options available at different USA casinos to do so, with many different markets opening up, to get involved on the events.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will be looking at two technological advancements that have improved the sport for the better good. These mentioned technologies have shaped the game that we know and love today.

The Garb Worn by the Players

Back in the day, the equipment that competitors utilized was nothing more than standard athletic apparel. The players of today are fitted with a wide variety of cutting-edge and contemporary technological devices. These devices range from shoulder cushions outfitted with RFID technology to headgear with aural communication that enables trainers to communicate their game plans to the players.

The manufacturers of sports apparel now use textiles and materials that safeguard athletes in better ways than in the past, allowing for fewer accidents and higher levels of performance. This is another way in which the sports apparel industry has changed. The overall effect of technological advancements on the sportswear worn in the NFL has been enormously significant.

Technology for Head Injurie

As a direct response to the growing level of concern surrounding brain injuries, X2 Biosystems developed two different patches to screen for concussions. The patches are worn behind the ear and within the upper mandible protection. They contain sensors that capture head collisions and store the data in applications that are complementary to the patches. The patches were developed as an alternative to depending on the instruments that were integrated into the headgear.

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