FAA League In Argentina Has Kicked Off

The 2016 season of  the FAA (Football Americano Argentina) League based in Buenos Aires, Argentina has already seen two weeks of action, with the Corsarios at the top, alone, and four matches played. Two wins had been achieved by the leader, and one each by the Tiburones and the Jabalies.

Week One

Argentina - FAA - Tiburones (Red) & Osos Polares (Blue)

Corsarios 28 – Jabalies 8

Week One started with Corsarios and Jabalies as main actors, and as we were all expecting, the “Pirats” took the victory 28-8, with their QB Federico Poy as MVP of the match, with two TDs (own runs). The other TDs were scored by RB Gonzalo Musso and an air connection between Poy and receiver Facundo Mazzini. Jabalies touchdown came from rookie Owen Skovgaard.

Tiburones 26 – Osos Polares 6

The following match, was “The Founders Derby” in which Tiburones faced Osos Polares. The victory in this case was for Tiburones 28-6. Scoring opened when CB Tomas Mandelli, grabbed an interception which he took back to the end zone. After this RB Augusto Bazan (2015 Season MVP) scored by running with the ball into the end zone and the following two TDs were made by the MVP of the match, Mariano Smilasky, who is also the kicker. The only points scored by Osos Polares were on a 90 yard interception return by Alfonso Mejia.

Week Two


Corsarios 33 – Cruzados 7

Week Two of the league presented two derbys. To begin with, “The Titans Derby” took place where Cruzados faced Corsarios. The match ended 33-7, with Federico Poy again being MVP of the game, scoring 4 TDs. RB Musso also added a TD as did Cruzados QB Thomas Haberl.

Jabalies 10 – Legionarios 9

This same day Jabalies and Legionarios also played a derby game. Unlike the other games played it was a low scoring match between tow tough defenses. The match began with a Jabalies TD after their QB, Alejandro Bonomo scored on a run. The Legionarios replied with a TD that left the game 7-6. The Sanchez team went ahead 9-7 after kicking a field goal, but, before the match reached its end, Jabalies did the same making the final 10-9.

By www.faarg.com.ar