France’s Elite League Kicks Off 2016

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Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône Cougars

France - Cougars helmet logoAfter their dominant march to the French title in 2015, can the Cougars repeat in 2016?

Head coach Xavier Mas will look to quarterback Matt Schilz (Bowling Green) to lead an attack which led the league in 2015. The top offensive line in France last year has lost a couple of key members which may make life a little tougher for Schilz.

But the team has shored up on defense especially with the return of David Larocuelle (DLM), Vincent Goberville (LB) and Benjamin Morizet (CB) and reinforcements in the name of Jerome Arnoux (S).

Changes in Cougars for 2016

Arrivals: Vincent BACQUET (FR, DB, U19) Salem Bensebaa (FR, OL, returns to the club), Marc BONY (FR, WR, Molosses Asnieres D2), Antoine DROISSART (FR, K / P, Leopards Rouen D2), Enzo FRAIOLI (FR, WR, Vincent BACQUET (FR, DB, U19), Vincent Goberville (FR, LB, return to the club), Jonathan GRIGNON (FR, LB, Scorpions Compiègne D4), Mathieu Lanchais (FR , LB, Knights of Orleans D3), Stephane MANCANDIANG (FR, RB, Molosses Asnieres D2), Benjamin MORIZET (FR, CB, return to the club), Micah ROBINSON (Import, DLM, Syracuse University, USA) Robin SEBEILLE (FR, TE, Argonauts of Aix-en-Provence), Matt SCHILZ (USA, QB, Bowling Green, USA)

Departures: Luigi BELLETEIX (FR, OL, stop), Walter Gomes (FR, OL, stop), Florent HIREL (FR, WER, off), Mathieu Giulia (FR, DB, stop), Freeman MAITREL (FR, LB, CEGEP Thetford-Mines, Canada), Adrian NOGUERA (FR, DB, reserve team), Tanner PRICE (import USA, QB, back in the US), Damien ROSETTA (FR, DB, Black Knights Orebro, Sweden), Mickaël GREENHOUSE (FR, WR, stop), Carl TEMBO (FR, LB, off), Tim WILLMAN ((import USA, DE, back in the US).

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