France’s Elite League Kicks Off 2016

[tps_title]Fédération Française de Football Américain[/tps_title]

Les Flash de la Courneuve

France - Flash logo helmetThe most storied team in France over the past two decades, the Flash has not won a title since 2011. The team is a perennial playoff contender though and this year will be no exception.The 2000s will forever those of Flash with 7 titles. And the 2010s?

The team has gone in a slightly different direction this year adding mainly French players to the squad. Most have been recruited from the lower division teams from the Paris region.

But will it be enough to stay at the level of the best teams in the National Division 1? That remains to be seen…

Changes in the Flash for 2016

Arrivals: Imad Abdallah-MAMY (RB, Conquerors of Caen) Brahim ADJA (DB Dragons Paris), Kevin Barbier (QB / WR, Dragons Paris), Jeremy BRIERE (OL, Red Devils Villepinte), Tristan CHAPLET ( DB Sannois Gauls), Carlos DOS SANTOS (Monarchs Saint-Denis), Kevin Eleizer (DB, Kiowas Garches), Steve HAPPI (RB Molosses Asnieres) Rayane MAHTALLA (DLM, Meteora Fontenay / Bois) Joachim MININ (DB, Musketeers Chatenay / Malabry), Stéphane MOINET (LB, Molosses Asnieres), Jean-Charles Moukouri (RB Molosses Asnieres), Benjamin QUIGNARD (LB, Kiowas Garche), Valentin ROBERT ( QB/K, Gaulois Sannois) Yasser SAID-SOIHLI (DE, Quarks Villebon-Longjumeau), Thomas SFAR (Monarchs Saint-Denis), Edouard SFAR (Monarchs Saint-Denis), Charles Irjah Surpin (LB, Meteora Fontenay/Bois)

Departures: Michael MAYINDOU (FR, RB, Argonauts of Aix-en-Provence), Moustapha SENE (FR, QB, Templars Elancourt)

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