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WANTED: Great Britain Lions National Team Looking For Players

The Great Britain Adult American Football Programme now invites all eligible athletes to apply to attend the Invitational Trials for the 2017 programme at Sheffield Hallam University in January

Following the huge success of Great Britain at the 2016 IFAF Qualifying Tournament in Worcester, which saw the GB Lions dominate both Russia and the Czech Republic, the national team programme is now inviting all eligible players to apply for the 2017 campaign trials towards the IFAF Group A Qualifying Game vs Sweden.

Player application and subsequent trial invitation process

The process – All hopeful participants MUST apply for the Great Britain Adult American Football Trials. Forms must be completed in full and measurables validated by the player’s team head coach and filmed. Game film is required from every athlete to ensure that a full evaluation can be established.

Registration forms can be accessed using this link.

From this, all applications, measurables and film will be reviewed and an invitational trial list compiled. Players who will be invited to the trials will be informed by DECEMBER 31st 2016 via email. At this point players will be informed of the structure of the trial and respective documentation will be forwarded.

Event Schedule: TBC upon invitation.

Validated Measurables: As part of the application process all players will need to supply validated measurables for the following four exercises:

Resources on the procedures of each of these tests will be available on the NFL website here.

Test results to be validated by:

Players are required to send highlight film to support their application (guidance below). Players should post a link to your highlight package or film that can be used to evaluate your performance within the section in the application form.Some guidance on what a highlight film should include:

At least three full drives from three games of four plays or more so we can assess you in a full game situation.
Highlight footage links can be via:

If you have any questions about the pre-registration process, validated measurables or the programme, please contact Head Coach Michael Callan or Operations Manager Tom Kharchi.

Those players selected from the Invitational Trial process will be called to attend further training sessions through the calendar year. The coaching staff will continue to evaluate players and rookies throughout the life span of the active programme. If any players showcase a high level of skill and potential, coaches reserve the right to call players up to train with the squad and compete for a spot on the programme at future training sessions.

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