Gear Up for the Ultimate American Football Contests in Las Vegas

An exclusive professional football professional contest is coming back with a bang to the casinos of Las Vegas.

Westgate, to be precise, now observes in its resort-cum-casino with the sixth yearly Super Contest weekend. With the event round the corner at 17th to 19th August 2017, amidst the popular sports and race SuperBook, the week will comprise of an event from famous broadcaster Brent Musberger. Also, the online casino industry is simultaneously delivering new football slot machine games to honor the occasion. The yearly Super Golf excursion at the well-known Country Club of Las Vegas, will offer a chance to grab an admission to the 2017 Contests.

Now available to the common public, this Super Contest Weekend along with online slot games will initiate on Thursday followed by a live transmission from VSiN (Vegas Stats Information Network) via the Musburgers “My Guys in the Desert” program. This show will preview the complete soccer season and assist in raffle tickets of the Super Contest entries. Broadcasting of the show will commence by 11 am on a daily basis. In the weekend’s due course, 6 contest entries will be showered and the week will terminate with the yearly Super Golf excursion at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Live Canada Casinos vs. Online Competition

The live contests at Canada casinos are the definitive professional football slot games experience worldwide. Outsiders may also access the virtual version with particular online casinos. Admissions are now on, and will continue through September; however, players can participate in the online version of football slots at any time. A nominal entry charge is mandatory to initiate at the usual NFL while online machines will benefit from free spins too. The participants will get specific games per week against the lines. The participant who accurately wins the maximum number of points for the whole NFL season will be proclaimed as the winner and will reap the benefits of the prize collection. Residents not from Canada may also participate but they will have to use free spins from the slot machine on various online casino portals. Other participants may play slot machine games online as well.

Apart from the live contests, this year’s Super Book has included a Super Contest Gold edition too. This brand new contest has a prize of $5000 and is different from the regular Super Contest. The winner gets away with the entire entry fee. This champion take-all competition will enable participants to choose 5 professional football games, akin to the Super Contest, every week against the live casino’s line of contest. Needless to say, all live games are available in their online avatar too.

Station Casinos

Participants also have a gala time while spinning the wheel of fortune with bit time bonuses all through August. The locale precinct offering games include the duo Fiesta Henderson & Rancho and The Palms. Your favorite wheel of fortune games and football slots come coupled with Big-time Bonus points and also free slot plays. All bonuses are available on your preferred virtual slot machines. The jackpots comprise of $10000 and double up at $20000!

Almost every virtual casino encompasses a progression board so that players can ascertain in which direction they are going. Once someone hits the jackpot, one lucky person gets a bonus. All participants contesting with valid boarding passes at venue-based casinos get free slots up to $100 while virtual casino players are eligible for bonuses and free spins.

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