George Robinson Returns To Germany’s Frankfurt Universe

A key element in the Frankfurt Universe’s rise to prominence in the German Football League, receiver George Robinson, has agreed to terms with the club for the 2017 season.

The 6’3″, 190 lb native of Stockport, England played for Wartburg College (NCAA Div. III) in Iowa before heading to Europe. Playing for the Universe in 2016, Robinson caught 50 passes for 831 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2016. He spent two seasons with the Ingolstadt Dukes in Germany after playing for Austria’s St. Pölten Invaders  in 2013.

American Football International asked George about the return to Germany and the Universe.

American Football International: You are returning to the Universe. Why did you re-sign with the team?

George Robinson: It was such an easy decision, from a team stand point I couldn’t ask for better teammates, coaches, staff and front office it really is a team effort, every game day is an event, I really can’t thank everyone who works on game-days i don’t think anyone has the football environment we do! The city is beautiful and always has something going on. We have the best fans in Europe they really do make the difference for us, they know their football. They are as loud as possible when we are on defense and quiet so we can get our checks on offense,. It’s a different culture in Frankfurt.

AFI: This is your fifth season in Europe. Where have you played before Frankfurt?

Robinson: I played my first season on a team in Austria with the St Pölten Invaders. Then I spent two years playing for a team in Bavaria called the Ingolstadt Dukes, who will be playing in the GFL, very excited to play against those guys. Still have a lot of good friends on the team.

AFI: How did you find out about playing in Europe initially?

Robinson: One of my best friends from high school, Vinnie Paciulli, actually told me about the opportunity to play ball overseas. He ended up playing two years for Lübeck in the north of Germany.

AFI: How did you find teams?

Robinson: My first resource was definitely they do an awesome job, but it seems like more and more websites are coming up I really think the guys at are doing good things as well.

AFI: What has been your best football experience in Europe?

Robinson: It has to be winning the EFL Championship, in Frankfurt in front of our fans, against Amsterdam, scoring a 75 yard touchdown on our second play is a highlight of my Euro career so far, for sure.

AFI: What are your favorite European foods?

Robinson: Schweinshaxe tops the list if you feel like a Viking eating it! I really enjoyed the paella we had in Spain and I love the Persian food I’ve had In a restaurant in Frankfurt called Schandis!

AFI: What do you bring to the Universe?

Robinson: I think I bring a toughness to our receiving core I love blocking downfield and springing my guys for touchdowns. I don’t think I’m a burner by any sense but I seem to be able to get behind the defense for big plays.

AFI: Frankfurt had a great year in 2016. What are your goals and expectations for 2017?

Robinson: The goals haven’t changed for us, we want to win the Big 6 championship then build on our GFL season. Making the playoffs was good but wasn’t our end goal of course. I think we have the talent to get to the German Bowl. We just have to execute our game plan no matter the weather or any adversity we come up against. We were a young team so I’m excited to see how we do. But I’m confident in my team and my coaches.

There is just one thing I would like to add. We really appreciate what you guys do for our sport out here. We all love this game so much and we all want to see it grow in Europe and beyond, for the younger guys and I like to think that one day it will be the biggest sport in the world and you guys will have a huge part in that!

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