German Football League plays of the week

With the German Football League heading into final three weekends, let’s take a look at the Top 9 GFL TV Plays of the Week from August 25-26.

Both offenses and defenses are highlighted in this round with an interception among the nine plays featured. Two of the games had a pair of highlights each this week.

From deep in his own end zone, Kirchdorf Wildcats QB Tom Schmidtke  stepped back and hurled a pass downfield, but slightly out of the reach of the intended receiver and Frankfurt Universe DB Fernando Lowery makes a spectacular catch for the interception on the Wildcats 25 yard line. Frankfurt went on to win the game 31-7.

Allgäu Comets QB Justin Sottilare lofts the ball perfectly from the seven yard line into the hands of WR Jordan Paul at the back of the end zone for a touchdown against the Ingolstadt Dukes as the Comets beat Ingolstadt 23-21.

With the ball on the Potsdam Royals 26 yard line, Royals RB Tyvis Smith takes the hand off, finds a gap off tackle and powers through racing 74 yards for a touchdown against the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes as Potsdam went on to win 36-14.

Braunschweig New Yorker Lions DB Darius Robinson timed his leap perfectly as Berlin Rebels QB Terrell Robinson heaved the ball from his own 10 yard line, going up high and grabbing the ball out of the hands of the receiver. Still, Berlin upset the Lions, again, this time by a score of 23-14.

Another highlight from the Frankfurt win over Kirchdorf shows Universe QB Andrew Ellfers get hit in his own end zone as he is releasing the ball and the pass ends up in the hands of defensive lineman Kilian Weber who rumbles into the end zone from seven yards out for the Wildcats lone touchdown of the game.

Stuttgart QB Michael Eubank definitely left an impression on Marburg Mercenaries LB Karl Weisenburger as he found a hole and barged through the middle at the Marburg 40 yard line, lowered his shoulder and bowled the tough defender right over. Stuttgart surprised the Mercenaries, beating them 43-36.

On a third and 12 from his own 20 yard line, Berlin Rebels QB Terrell Robinson atoned for his interception earlier in the game, dropping back and finding no receivers, simply slipping a couple of tackles and raced 80 yards for a TD.

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes QB Lenorris Footman took a one step drop and rifled the ball over the middle from his own 10 yard line finding TE Benedikt Englmann over the middle who makes a magnificent one-handed grab for the first down. However, Kiel lost the game to the Potsdam Royals 38-14.

Marburg Mercenaries QB Alexander Thury drops back at his own 40 yard line, dumped a little screen pass to RB Andrecus Lindley who runs over one tackler, gets outside and outruns the defense scoring a 60 yard touchdown. Nevertheless, Marburg lost the game to Stuttgart 43-36.

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