Italy’s Guelfi Firenze Sign Defensive Star Skyler Suggs For IFL Season

The Guelfi Firenze in Florence, Italy continue to bolster their roster with the addition of defensive end Skyler Suggs.

Suggs, 6’3″, 270 lb and a native of Augusta, Missouri, wound up his college career at Lindenwood University (NCAA Div. II) in St. Charles, Missouri where he finished with 54 tackles and eight sacks.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

Skyler Suggs: “I am predominantly a defensive end, although I can also be used as outside linebacker. One of my strengths is definitely going to be bringing pressure on the opposing quarterback in throwing situations. I like to have a very aggressive style on the field and in my career I have always tried to put my hands on every quarterback that I have faced. When I play I’m always happy and this gives me the calmness needed to make good plays.”

You will also be in the coaching staff of the International Football Camp Touchdown Srl which will be held at the “Guelfi Sports Center” in February. Will this be your first time as a coach?

Suggs: “First I want to say I am very excited about these three days of football, it will be a very important event for the entire Italian football community. In the last years of my college career, I watched and helped out younger players, and I always enjoyed also teaching them.”

Tell me a bit ‘of your experience with Team USA at the World University Championship in Monterrey, Mexico:

Suggs: “It all happened at the last moment. I did not think I would be part of the team but in the end it happened and I took my chance. I had a lot of fun together with my teammates and I gained a  really valuable experience. The only disappointment was the defeat in the final to Mexico but it was a great moment for me and I will always remember those weeks with great pleasure.”

What was the reaction of your parents and friends when you told them: “Hey, I’m going to Florence to play football”?

Suggs: “They were all excited about the thing. In my family I have my older brother, Scott, who plays basketball in the Spanish ACB with Manresa and also my girlfriend, Vanessa Zailo, who is under contract with Grunberg in Germany; so I could not miss the opportunity to get close to the two people who are so important in my life. ”

You have a goal for this your first season in Europe?

Suggs: “Yes sure. I want to play to the best of my ability to help Guelfi Florence. This team can still improve to reach its full potential and I am excited to be part of this. ”

I know that people in America they call you “Slim”. How did you get this nickname?:

Suggs: “It ‘s all my fault (laughs). When I arrived at Lindenwood University in 2013, I was at my third university in a few years and was beginning to have a tough time learning all the names of the people around me. That is why I started calling everyone by the nickname “Slim” until they got their revenge by starting to call me with the same name.”

Watch Skyler Suggs highlights from 2014 at Lindenwood University

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