Helsinki Roosters partnering up with Volt Athletics

The Helsinki Roosters are the first European team in any sport to utilize Volt Athletics revolutionary strength training platform.

The Helsinki Roosters are proud to announce a partnership with Volt Athletics.

Volt is a new kind of training delivery system that integrates cutting-edge technology with decades of proven strength and conditioning science and research.

Volt works with over 35,000 high school and college athletes — including athletes at top universities like Michigan and Georgia Tech — as well as the U.S. National Football Team. Because of this partnership, the Roosters will receive football-specific training programs built by Volt’s expert certified strength and conditioning specialists.

These year-long training programs are individually designed for each player and optimized for off-season, in-season, and post-season physical development. The training adjusts and grows to the athlete’s strength, schedule, position, and performance goals.

Every workout will be designed for perfect execution—complete with visual demonstrations, coaching points, and step-by-step instructions. This comprehensive and professional approach to training also includes injury prevention and recovery methods. The Helsinki Roosters are the first European team in any sport to implement and utilize this revolutionary strength training platform.

“With team sports in Finland, planning and maintaining player specific periodic training programs which are adaptive to player’s development and deviants in training, requires significant resources and competences. There are not too many teams in Finland, in any sport, which have those resources available. With Volt Athletics know-how, experience and technology, we are now able to offer a “personal-trainer” for all of our players,” says Olli Jussila, Helsinki Roosters physical training coordinator.

More information:

Olli Jussila, Physical Training Coordinator, Helsinki Roosters, +358  40 302 3287, [email protected]

Adam Baker, Coach Relations Director, Volt Athletics, +1 206-701-6432 ext. 3, [email protected]


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