Homegrown Hero Series France: Flash de La Courneuve QB Leo Cremades

The second iteration of the Homegrown Hero series has arrived, as AFI aims to shine a light on some of Europe’s top homegrown talent playing across the continent in 2023.

After visiting Mallorca, Spain to chat with young Spanish quarterback Deigo Lliteras in March, this week we sat down with one of France’s top young quarterback prospects in Leo Cremades of the Flash de La Courneuve.

Cremades has stepped into the starting quarterback role for the defending champion Flash this season without missing a beat. The capital city squad is currently sitting with a 6-0-1 record as they look like one of the country’s best teams once again this season.

After years of being a contributor to the French national team and playing in moments for the Flash, Cremades was given the reins this season, as they chance back-to-back titles. The 21-year-old has been a brilliant conductor for the smooth-running Flash offense throwing for over 1,100 yards and accounting for 17 total touchdowns.

AFI: How did you start playing football?

: I started playing football when I was 10, so eleven years ago, after doing 4 years of swimming, I was tired of it and really wanted to do a team sport. One day my brother showed me a NCAA highlights and I fell in love with it! Started with flag football, then with tackle football, and never stopped!

AFI: What is your personal goal through the sport?

Cremades: Honestly, my personal goal is to be the best at my position.

AFI: How does it feel to be a young French QB leading the undefeated Flash against many import QBS?

Cremades: It’s a great feeling! I think it’s a real good thing to have a coaching staff that believes in a French quarterback to lead their team and prove that it can work as well. We would all love a French championship with only French quarterbacks wouldn’t we? I mean I hope it’s the goal for all French franchises.

AFI: What’s your favorite football memory so far?

Cremades: That’s a tough choice. Winning the national championship title last year is definitely one. It was my first title, another big one is playing a whole half against Saint Thomas Aquinas high school when I was in south Florida. Probably one of the loudest stadiums I ever played in, and probably the best five star defense I played against. We lost that day, but it was still an amazing memory.

AFI: What’s the future of football in France?

Cremades: For me, the future of football in France can only be bright! We see clubs putting more and more resources for the players and kids. Clubs are seeing things in bigger way and with the ELF coming in, this is going to bring a lot of new players wanting to play the sports as well as giving players a new goal to reach. We have some of the best athletes here in France, So yes, there is a bright future for football here in France.

AFI: What’s the goal of the Flash this season?

Cremades: The goal for the Flash this season is pretty clear; win another championship, as well as be the best team in Europe and show that in the CEFL. For that, we will give everything we have.

Alex is a former NCAA and semi-pro American football player who is now located in London, where he works in digital marketing. His goal in writing for AFI is to stay involved with the game that has given him so much. Alex enjoys covering leagues and