Homegrown Hero Series: Mallorca Voltors QB Deigo Lliteras

Kicking off the Homegrown Hero series, AFI is eager to shine a light on some of Europe’s top homegrown talent playing across the continent in 2023.

Spanish quarterback Deigo Lliteras is one of only two Spaniards leading their teams from the quarterback position in the country’s top league. Facing off against imports with college football experience week in and week out, 20-year-old Lliteras currently has his Mallorca Voltors sitting at 4-1 and second place in the Eastern Conference. Lliteras has done his part putting up seven passing touchdowns to go along with three more scores on the ground. The 6’3″, 190 pound dual threat passer hopes to play college football himself as the class of 2024 is looking for a school to take a chance on him.

AFI: How did you start playing football?

Lliteras: My dad played a year of college football in England as a receiver and we used to go to the park to play catch until I was old enough to join a real team. I actually started as a wide receiver before switching to quarterback.

AFI: What’s your favorite football memory so far?

Lliteras: I played at an American high school my junior year and it was the best football experience ever.

AFI: What’s the future of football in Spain?

Lliteras: I think we are a pretty talented country when it comes to football. The best example is the Barcelona Dragons last season, I think that with this talent and good coaching there’s are going to be a lot of future ballers coming out of this country.

AFI: What’s the goal for the Voltors this season?

Lliteras: We are a team than hasn’t been at the top many times, but it looks like this year is not like that, we have enough talent on this team to play for a shot at the Spanish Bowl.

AFI: How does it feel to be a young Spanish QB in Spain’s top league with primarily import quarterbacks?

Lliteras: It feels great to be trusted to be that guy. I’m the most talented player in this league and more than ready to get this role. Playing against import QB’s has become normal all around Europe. I’ve sat under two import QB’s here in Mallorca that have taught me a lot but now it’s time for me to be the guy.

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