HONDURAS: Dark Angels F.A. 3-Peat Champions

Season III of the Liga de Football Americano Femenina de Honduras (LIFAFEMH) in Spanish or Womens American Football League of Honduras under the banner of the Federacion Nacional de Football Americano de Honduras (FENAFAH) opened on Sunday, October 28th, 2018 with four teams competing; Dark Angels F.A., BlitzKrieg F.A., Lobas F.A. and Queens F.A.

The final on Sunday, March 10th at Campo Lempira Reina in the capital city, Tegucigalpa brought to an end the 2018-2019 calendar with the reigning 2x champs Dark Angels facing Blitzkrieg for the second time in a final. The inaugural final was set between Dark Angels and Lobas.

The semifinal lead-up on Sunday, March 3rd set the stage for Blitzkrieg to reign above the Queens with a 8-2 victory advancing them to the final.

Dark Angels F.A. Team – Champions

Blitzkrieg F.A. Team – Sub Champions

After the initial kickoff Dark Angels in their second down, first offensive drive achieved the first touchdown with a 15-yard pass from QB #15 Camila Matamoros to #88 Fabiola Raudales who ran for 20-yards into the end zone. Dark Angels secured a 2-point conversion with a short pass to #82 Claudia Vásquez racking up the fastest points scored in the history of the 3 year old league. Dark Angels 8Blitzkrieg 0

Dark Angels would get their second touchdown with a 25-yard pass to #88 Fabiola Raudales. Closing it out with a 2-point conversion from #27 Ana Débora Alaniz. Dark Angels 16Blitzkrieg 0 

Dark Angels, QB #15 Camila Matamoros scored a touchdown run of 25-yards by slipping between the Blitzkriegs’ defense. Dark Angels 22Blitzkrieg 0

An interception by Dark Angels at the 40-yard left them positioned in midfield for their offensive drive. Dark Angels entered the end-zone with a strong run of 15-yards from #74 Fany Urrutia and topped off their score when #27 Ana Debora Alaniz completed a 2-point conversion. Dark Angels 30Blitzkrieg 0

Dark Angels would go to their last offensive drive before halftime and would not lose the opportunity to score once more with a nice 15-yard pass to player #13 Maria Fernanda Garcia who was already waiting within the end-zone.

Halftime Score: Dark Angels 36Blitzkrieg 0

To finish Dark Angels sealed their shutout with a final touchdown. A short pass from QB #15 Camila Matamoros to #82 Claudia Vásquez who advanced 10-yards after catching the pass to score. The conversion proved incomplete.

Final Score: Dark Angels 42 Blitzkrieg 0

A triumphed win for the Dark Angels!

Head Coach of Dark Angels F.A., Jorge Sibaja

Dark Angels, a very aggressive and talented team, has undoubtedly been able to demonstrate its continuity and commitment to the sport for 3 years … A team that started with very few players, going around from field to field, without equipment suitable for each player. They began to sow their seed, full of expectations they started step by step, without giving up, until they became the strongest rival… Leading a team of energetic women who demand more and more of your support was a real challenge… The third season was full of challenges, but also a constant struggle to be able to encourage each player not only in the green-blue team, but at the league level. We know we are missing a lot, but we are willing to accept the challenges that come in the future. Our greatest expectation is to continue cultivating the sport. To achieve a future league where in different parts of the country can grow. Also make history and leave the stereotypes created by society, encouraging our Honduran women to leave the everyday norm. It is a great pride for me being Head Coach of these great women who in fact are an example of constant struggle …

Referees for 3rd Championship

Blanca Alejandra Oseguera O’Reilly, President of LIFAFEMH and DL & TE #77 Queens F.A. team.

About the Women’s Football League in Honduras: It is a project that has been growing little by little with the support of lovers of this sport in the country, every season it’s about improving things. Despite the fact that not many people in the country understand sports, we are trying to spread American football and hope that the strong, empowered women without fear of contact find this passion and join this league. The vision for the league is to grow, professionalize the sport, have our own fields to play, spread the sport to new areas and gain fans to fill the stadiums.

2019 Men’s Kickoff

The close of the women’s final brought the start of the men’s Tegucigalpa Bowl XII calendar sanctioned by the FENAFAH and under the Liga de Football Americano de Honduras (LINAFAH).

Sunday, March 17th the current champions Centauros F.A. won with a 16-point score culminated from two touchdowns, a conversion and a safety. Their rivals, Jaguares F.A. were edged out by only 2-points, scoring two touchdowns and one conversion tallying 14-points.

The other game of the day was between Cuervos F.A. who sealed their first win of the season with one touchdown and a 2-point conversion against the Hurricanes F.A. trailing with only a 2-point safety.

Final Score: Cuervos 8 Hurricanes 2

The Tegucigalpa Bowl XII has 6 teams competing in the calendar. Centauros, Cuervos, Huracanes, Jaguares, Lobos and Raptors.

To learn more about the Honduras men’s and women’s leagues visit the links below.

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