How Much Do XFL Players Make? Breaking Down XFL Player Salaries

The XFL will return in 2023 after a two-year hiatus. This will be the third attempt for the spring football league, and it puts Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s league head-to-head with the United States Football League (USFL), which finished its first campaign this past July.

As the XFL gears up for its return to play, many key players from the USFL have signed XFL contracts hoping to make the most of the new pro league and its competitive salaries. Which begs the question… how much will XFL players make in 2023? Often XFL betting info can be found with roulette systems and strategies on various sites.

According to early reports, the XFL will carry 66 players into training camp. Yet, the regular season roster will be cut down to only 50 players. XFL players who don’t make the regular season roster will be paid on a per-week basis. But, as expected the pay scale improves change if they make the team.

XFL players will make $800 per week of the five weeks training camp. When they make the roster the pay became much more lucrative.

XFL Players Salaries

Players will be signed to a minimum of a one-year contract. The total salary offered will be broken down like so:

  • Base Salary: $59,000
  • Per Game Salary: $5,000
  • Bonus: $1,000 per win

At $59,000, this base salary is about $5,000 higher than the USFL’s 2022 salary.  In addition to higher player salaries, the XFL is also offering approximately $20,000 per player in additional benefits such as health, dental, and vision insurance, housing, and even meals.

This years XFL salary is significantly more than the 2020 salary of an $55,000 a year which included several win bonuses

For further comparison, the CFL’s minimum salary is $65,000 CAD ($47,800 USD) along with a housing bonus of 7,500 CAD ($5,500 USD). However, established CFL players and especially American quarterbacks can earn more than $400,000 CAD ($294,000 USD).

While a majority of players will play on the XFL’s minimum salary it is rumored that many star quarterbacks suiting up in the XFL will make north of $250,000 for the season. Some of the XFL’s quarterbacks have had NFL paydays already as former Alabama and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ Mccarron has made over $15 million during his nine year pro career. While others have spent time on practice squads or cracked the NFL’s active roster for a short time, like former Dallas Cowboy Ben Dinucci. 

Another factor in the pay scale is that players who are inactive will still be compensated for games. Players who are inactive will receive $1,500 and will also still be eligible for the $1,000 win bonus.

On game day, each team will have 45 active players on the roster to play in the game. Meaning there will be a minimum of five players inactive any given week.

The USFL provided a $10,000 bonus to players that were on the active roster or practice squad of the championship-winning team. Many experts believe that A the XFL will sweeten the pot with a bonus of well over $50,000 per player.

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