IFAF Europe: Champions League Second Round Group Action!

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[tps_header]Thonon-les-bains Black Panthers (France) v. Milano Seamen (Italy)[/tps_header]
Champions League - Black Panthers v. Seamen

Thonon Black Panthers vs Milano Seamen

Italy’s defending champion Milano Seamen paid a visit to France’s  top team in 2014, the Thonon Black Panthers, and came away empty handed as the Black Panthers, playing a full 60 minutes of football, turned the Seamen away 32-23.

Thonon will travel to Spain to face L’hospitalet Pioners in two weeks. The Pioners dropped a 37-14 decision to the Seamen two weeks ago. A win there will put Thonon into the semi-finals.

The final round of the Group competition in the 2015 IFAF Europe Champions League will be played May 16-17.

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