IFAF launches funding program for Africa

The International Federation of American Football, IFAF, has launched the Recognised Federation Development Programme funding initiative  within the framework of the IOC International Federation Development Programme. Through this, close to $57,000 has been provided to support football development initiatives across Africa.

Football development across Africa is a key strand in IFAF’s strategic investment and development program. The continent is the source of the fastest-growing applications from emerging federations for IFAF membership.

IFAF President Richard MacLean highlighted some of the challenges which IFAF and the emerging Africa federations face and which will be tackled through this investment.

“While the passion is there, emerging African federations face many shared systemic challenges. This Recognised Federations Development programme-funding will be used to provide direct support for capacity-building – both within and across these emerging federations, aimed at improving skills for carrying out key functions, solving problems, defining and achieving objectives.”

Andy Fuller, IFAF Managing Director and project bid author expanded further.

“We have three primary investment areas where we aim to make a difference:

  • The individual: focusing upon human resources development, e.g. training coaches, officials, and Administrators;

  • The organisation: focusing upon organisational development, e.g. providing support to develop strong governance practices, and

  • The football network: focusing upon institutional development, e.g. capacity building to partner with the private and public sectors to implement sport projects.”

George Alwanga, IFAF Director for Africa welcomed the grant funding:

“We are grateful to the IOC and partners for their investment and we look forward to delivering a stronger football environment across the continent.”

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