IFAF: Tommy Wiking appeal denied by Swiss Federal Tribunal

In a statement issued Friday, October 19, International Federation of American Football – IFAF – president Richard MacLean has confirmed that former president Tommy Wiking’s appeal, has been turned down.

The Swiss Federal Tribunal has denied Wiking’s appeal of the earlier decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport finding in favor of IFAF.

With this, three and a half years of turmoil in the international American football community has now, finally, come to an end.

The war that raged starting in  July 2015, and ripped apart the international football community, should now be over.

This conflict, which was ignited by the cancellation of the IFAF World Championships in Stockholm and led to the split between IFAF into IFAF Paris and IFAF New York factions, has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars according to one source, and seriously hampered the growth of American football worldwide.

Nations could not schedule games against one another for fear of sanctions from one side or the other.

A year ago, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), or Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (TAS), sent its final ruling to the parties involved in the International Federation of American Football arbitration. Then, earlier in 2018, CAS ruled that Richard MacLean was indeed the rightful president of IFAF.

IFAF then held its first “unified” congress in three years in Panama in August of this year.

Statement from IFAF President Richard MacLean:


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