Inaugural Championship: Liga de Football Americano Femenina de Honduras

Four teams battled it out during the inaugural championship calendar of Liga de Football Americano Femenina de Honduras (LFAFH). The team Dark Angels F.A. secured the top seed going into the final with Lobas F.A. following second.

The LFAFH championship calendar kicked off November 13th, 2016 and the long awaited final was played on Sunday, March 19th, 2017 at Estadio de Pelota Lempira Reina in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The final shut out score of Darks Angels F.A. 30Lobas F.A. 0

1st Quarter:
6 point Touchdown: Katherine Suazo #20 (Suazo also scored the historic first touchdown of the league during the first game of the championship calendar.)

2nd Quarter:
6 point Touchdown: Fanny Urrutia #74
2 point Conversion: Sara Gómez #86

3rd Quarter:
6 point Touchdown: Fabiola Ramos #88
2 point Conversion: Sara Gómez #86

4th Quarter:
6 point Touchdown: Camila Mazel #15
2 point Conversion: Esther Ortiz #11

The final did not recognize a MVP however the LFAFH chose to recognize two of the best players of the year; QB Alejandra Michelle Aceituno Lopez #5 of team Lobas F.A. and QB Gabriela Molina #10 of Blitzkrieg F.A.

LFAFH 2017 Champions – Dark Angels F.A. Team

LFAFH 2017 Runner Up – Lobas F.A. Team


(L to R) Dark Angels F.A. coaches; Jorge Sibaja, Eggar Gómez and Marco Garay

The LFAFH is under the umbrella of the IFAF member, Federacion Nacional de Football Americano de Honduras (FENAFAH).

Juan Raskoff, President of FENAFAH

“ Even though the first tournament ended there is a lot more work to be done. It was a very good beginning. We did have some minor complications and set backs but nothing that would stop us!

This 2017 we will continue with the second tournament of the same four teams building a strong roster base and continuing with our vision of growing women’s tackle football in Honduras to the highest level in the Central American region.

In the meantime time we are waiting for other regional countries like Nicaragua and Guatemala to begin building their teams so we may form a national team in Honduras ready to play across the region. “

Photo Credits / LFAFH & Lobas F.A. Facebook Profile

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