Italian Federation of American Football and European League of Football nearing agreement

The Italian Federation of American Football, (Federazione Italiana Di American Football (FIDAF) has begun to take steps to lift its embargo on the European League of Football.

In 2021, the FIDAF announced that anyone playing in the European League of Football, ELF, would be banned from playing in any Italian league or for the Italian national team.

FIDAF Regulations, Part II, Chapter I, Art. 14, Paragraph C:
“Members must:
c) not participate in any American football event or competition or in any of its specialties, disciplines or
variants that have not been organized, authorized or approved by the FIDAF or by the International
Bodies with which it is affiliated.”

This is about to change. Late last week, Fabio Tortosa, Deputy Vice President of the FIDAF, signed a preliminary letter of intent with Patrick Esume, Commissioner of the European League of Football, ELF, aimed at laying the groundwork for the future collaboration between the FIDAF and ELF.

Tortosa explained to Esume during the meeting the reasons for preventing its athletes from participating in the ELF, which included complying with all the rules governing the Italian sports federations. The two then arrived at a preliminary agreement to meet the requirements of both organizations.

The key points were:

• Recognition and approval of competitions organized by ELF
• Recognition of the value and significance of the Italian National Teams and the international activities in which they are involved (tackle and flag football)
• Coordination of the respective competitive calendars for the purposes mentioned above
• Enhancement of the high-level activities of FIDAF and ELF through a common line of communication and the organization of any events, such as Combines, in collaboration

Esume who will now submit the proposal to ELF Legal Department to begin preparations of a formal agreement of collaboration that will lead to an official recognition of ELF by the FIDAF.

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