Jaycen Taylor new RB coach for Belgian Barbarians

Four-time Finnish champion running back with the Helsinki Roosters and MVP of the 2017 season in Finland, Jaycen Taylor, has been named the new running back coach for the Belgian national team, the Belgian Barbarians.

Taylor, who had moved to Belgium late last year with his family, has been playing for the Limburg Shotguns of the Belgian league. He suffered a season-ending injury this past weekend in a loss to the Ostend Pirates.

The 5’10”, 190 lb native of Hawthorne, California, who played for three years at Purdue University and won two Italian titles with the Parma Panthers (2011, 2012) and also played for Austrian powerhouse, the Swarco Raiders in 2013, has decided to move to his wife’s home country of Belgium and put his football skills and knowledge to work to help develop the game.

The Belgian Barbarians, formed five years ago, have been one of the most active national American football teams in the world over the past four years, playing at least two games a year. In 2017, the Barbarians defeated Team Spain in a thriller and then lost a very close game to Russia.  Since their formation in 2014, the Barbarians have a record of 5-4.

In an earlier interview with AFI, Taylor explained his move to Belgium.

AFI: Why the move to Belgium and the Limburg Shotguns?
Taylor: Simple enough I moved to Belgium for family reasons. I am at the point in my life where I would like to start a family. The Shotguns are the closest team to where I stay and seems to be the best team for what I want to accomplish.

AFI: You have slightly different plans than simply playing as a high profile import. What are they?
Taylor: Yes. I want to be apart of a team that would let me help with coaching and help grow the team. Not just be consider an import who only plays. I want to help build a team and make players better. Be at the start of something amazing, and not just coming in on top. (Which has always been the case).. So I would like to experience something different.

AFI: How long do you plan to stay?
Taylor: Well apparently I cannot seem to sit still anywhere. But the plan is to stay and make the Shotguns family. Stay as long as they are willing to have me be apart of their team. And continue to build build build..


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