Jets or Giants – Who will come out on top?

If you hail from New York or the surrounding area, you have two main choices of NFL teams to support – the Jets or the Giants, and the rivalry between the teams is infamous. The Giants have been around for almost double the time the Jets have, not to mention they have won a considerable amount more division, conference and league championships. However, since 2007 the Jets have improved significantly, whereas some say the Giants have seriously underachieved. While the teams aren’t set to clash until Week 10 of the season, today we’re looking at which team is likely to come out on top this year. And who you should back if you are sports betting in New Jersey.

The Jets

The 2019 season marks a fresh start for the Jets. After coming in last place in the AFC East, management replaced the head coach. Goodbye to defensive-minded Todd Bowles, hello to offensive-focused Adam Gase – who has stated his determination to save the Jets from their losing streak in the last three seasons. Quarterback, Sam Darnold predicts a ‘lot of wins’ for the Jets this season, so things must be going well in his collaborations with new wide receiver, Jamison Crowder and tailback, Le’Veon Bell. On week two, the Jets will take on the Browns and we will see for ourselves whether the Jets’ bark is worse than its bite.

The Giants

Things are looking decidedly tough for the Giants as we head into the 2019 season. Some say, worse than they have ever looked before. Odell Beckham Jr has left to join the Cleveland Browns, their defence leaves a lot to be desired, and who knows how long Eli Manning has left in him. However, we predict big things for Saquon Barkley and Sterling Shepard this season. But are they enough to carry the whole team?

Conclusion: The Jets!

There are a fair few months to go until the clash, so how the teams gel this season remains to be seen. We’ve witnessed the Jets acting a cocky before, only to be shut down by the Giants on the field a number of times. However, this year, certain victory for the Giants looks less likely. This season, the Jets have Sam Darnold on the field. If he lives up to the hype, and the Jets most dangerous defensive and offensive players pull out all the stops, the Jets just might end up clinching victory. However, Giants quarterback Eli Manning certainly won’t be wanting to hand over his crown as ‘best quarterback in the NY area’ – so don’t expect it to be an easy ride.

With all to play for, we know what game we’ll be tuning into come November 10th.

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