Jorge Juarez: Mexico’s football ambassador

In Spain’s capital city of Madrid, there is a strong tradition of American football. One of the top clubs is Osos Rivas, a team currently vying for a playoff spot during this 2021 season.

As Osos Rivas builds a swarming defense, one standout athlete who holds together their defensive unit is Mexican defensive back Jorge Juarez.

Former Osos Rivas head coach Jesus Sanchez on Juarez’s abilities:

“Jorge Juarez is a very charismatic player who has the ability to make his teammates have fun and play more calmly.”

Jorge Juarez #21 closing in on Gijon Mariners ball carrier Photo: Felipe SM

So far this season, Juarez has been a part of only one game as a historic snowstorm and the pandemic have limited the Osos Rivas schedule. He brings a unique football background to Spain.  He is an accomplished player in his home country of Mexico. Before coming to join Osos Rivas, Juarez spent the 2019 season playing in Mexico’s Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional (LFA) for the Mexico City Mexicas. As a part of the Mexicas, Juarez was a teammate of current CFL wide receiver Guillermo Villalobos. After the 2019 season in Mexico, Juarez took a chance and moved to Spain on a whim, playing a few games for the Osos Rivas in early 2020 before the pandemic hit. Throughout the craziness of 2020, the speedy defender stayed in Spain getting ready for his next chance of hitting the field. The Mexico City native joins fellow Mexican Juan Escobar who was a accomplished college football player himself in his home country.

Juarez on his move to Spain:

“Once I came to Spain and I met a friend on a football team and years after I visit Spain and he told me to stay and play and now I’m here “

The 6’0″ defender’s football journey started when he was 15 years old playing the for Linces Cuernavaca football team in his hometown just south of Mexico City. After dominating at youth levels in Mexico City the defensive back accomplished one of his childhood dreams joining the  Pumas CU UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico Pumas) powerhouse football program.

“It was one of my dreams as a child, the experience was amazing!”

Jorge Juarez getting ready for a game with the Mexico City Mexicas

The Pumas program is one of the best college football programs in Mexico. The historic team plays in Mexico City’s Olympic stadium in the heart of the city. The Pumas have been a dominant force in Mexican college football winning 25 national championship since the 1930’s. Juarez joined the powerhouse program and helped them win their 24th and 25th national championships in 2013 and 2014 as part of a dominating defense.

 “To be part of the team was amazing, and when we got the two national championships that was my goal and we did it.”

After winning two rings with the Pumas and being coached by some of the best in the country, Juarez returned to his hometown of Cuernavaca for the next four seasons before joining the Mexicas in the LFA in 2019, and eventually heading to Madrid. The former Mexican college national champion has now fallen in love with the American football scene in Europe. His Mexican college football background brings a unique experience not seen very often in European leagues. Juarez’s future goals are to continue to play in Europe and exploring the continents budding American football culture:

“I want to play in countries around Europe like Germany, Italy, Finland, Belgium, and Austria.”

Photos: Felipe SM

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