Kraft Family Israel Football League officially cancels football season

The Kraft Family Israel Football League has now officially cancelled the season they had put on hold in mid March with a postponement.

In a letter sent out this morning to all the clubs in Israel, the league set out the conditions and reasons for the final cancellation:

  1. As of the publication of this letter, the Kraft Family Israel Football League 2020/2019 season is officially over
  2.  Due to the current situation and restrictions, the groups are unable to conduct regular training that will allow proper preparation to have games.
  3.  According to the outline of the return to the activity of the State of Israel and the sports director, as of this date, does not allow the existence of games and not indicated by outline such possible dates.
  4. Therefore, all games that were expected to be completed for the season are canceled.
  5. Because we are unable to complete the season regularly – no champion will be announced for the 2020/2019 season. The Jerusalem Lions will continue to be called the “reigning champion.
  6.  If the association is asked by the sports manager to rate the teams – the rating given in the standings will be submitted. The official league website which is updated from time to time has ceased games.
  7. We regret the existing situation but the outline that the Association issued on April 20 is in line with the Israeli Health Ministry’s strict requirements.

Current coronavirus situation in Israel

The number of diagnosed cases of the deadly coronavirus in Israel has reached 17,106 with a total of 285 deaths attributed to COVID-19. Israel had re-opened schools two weeks ago after a two-month shutdown. However, a number of new cases of the coronavirus in schools has changed the situation with the Health Ministry contemplating shutting down schools again.


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