LIVE STREAM: BIG6 Europe – Swarco Raiders v. Berlin Adler

Euro Bowl bid hangs in balance as clubs from top European leagues clash!



Just a week after Team Germany’s triumph in the 2104 Eat the Ball Football European Championship game, two more decisive matches against Austria’s two top teams are next. With a win against the Swarco Raiders on Saturday, the Adler could advance to the Euro Bowl for the first time in the last 3 years.

The Swarco Raiders are of course aiming for the same goal. Austria’s leading team also won their first BIG6 match-up against Switzerland’s Calanda Broncos. Saturday’s game at Tivoli Stadium in Zürich will show, which team from the BIG6 group B will advance to Euro Bowl XXVIII.

In group A all three teams still have hopes to reach the final. On Sunday, June 15, the Dresden Monarchs will play in Vienna against the Raiffeisen Vikings. In case Vienna wins, the defending champion will play in this year’s Euro Bowl – for the 10th time in the past 14 years! The Monarchs need to win with a 14+ points lead in order to advance. In case Dresden wins with less then 2 Touchdowns ahead, the New Yorker Lions will have the last laugh.


The game between the Raiders and Adler offer some interesting side stories: Since 2011 Shuan Fatah is the Swarco Head Coach. Before his stint in Innsbruck Fatah was a pretty successful player and coach for the team from the German Capital. He won 6 German Bowls (three as a player and three as a coach) plus the Euro Bowl in 2010. After conquering Europe’s crown with the Adler in 2010, Fatah transferred to Austria, bringing Offensive Coordinator Lee Rowland, Quarterback Kyle Callahan, Wide Receiver Talib Wise and Kicker Dennis Wiehberg with him to Innsbruck.

Berlins biggest ace in this match-up is Talib Wise. The multi-faceted import-player dressed up in Raiders’s black for the past three years and is still one of their most well known former players.

The game in Innsbruck will be a though challenge on the way to the finale. “The decisive factor will be, how our team will handle the long and heavy journey down south”, said Adler Head Coach Kim Kuci. “On gameday we need to reduce our mistakes and play all three parts of the game. As long as we keep the game close and keep the Raiders Offense off the field, everything is possible.”

Swarco itself is highly confident. On their homepage on July 19th, Euro Bowl Saturday, is marked as “Swarco Raiders vs. unknown opponent.” Last week’s Euro win of the German national team, with three Adler players, might serve as a psychological advantage. The Raiders have seven Austrian national players on their team, who had to be satisfied with the silver medal.

A Livestream for Swarco Raiders versus Berlin Adler will be available on Saturday starting at 5 p.m. CET via

Björn Hesse is a contributor writer from Berlin, Germany. Having been a Frankfurt Galaxy fan since childhood, he played linebacker for the Leipzig Lions in Germany’s third league (Regionalliga-Ost) from 2003 to 2008. He worked as a PR intern for