LIVESTREAM Austria – Vienna Classic: Vienna Vikings @ Danube Dragons, March 31, 14:00 CET (2 pm, 8 am EDT)

The Danube Dragons (1-0) and Vienna Vikings (2-0) will wind up Easter Weekend in the Austrian Football League in a rematch of the 2023 title game we have aptly named the “Vienna Classic”.

This is the first meeting of the year for these two but these crosstown rivals know each other well. Since 2022, the Dragons and Vikings have faced off against one another a total of five times with the Dragons holding the series advantage 4-1 in those games.

July 29, 2023: Dragons 14 – Vikings 13 (Championship Game)

July 1, 2023: Dragons 14 – Vikings 10

April 16, 2023: Vikings 24 – Dragons 13

July 30, 2022: Dragons 51 – Vikings 20 (Championship Game)

June 25, 2022: Dragons 57 . Vikings 42

The Dragons definitely have the advantage in these games, two of which have been in the championship game and both of those won by Danube. This sets up the Dragons up for a historic three-peat of AFL championships that could have, in an alternate reality, been a three-peat for the Vikings. Not only that but achieving a three-peat on a city rival would give Danube bragging rights for decades. Today, we are going to look into each of the teams to give us an idea of the players who may make an impact.

Watch live here. Vienna Vikings @ Danube Dragons, March 31, 14:00 CET (2 pm, 8 am EDT)

Vienna Vikings

Vienna started hot in 2024. They handed the Telfs Patriots an 83-7 drubbing and followed that up with a tight 28-22 win against former contenders, the Prague Black Panthers. Jumping out to a 2-0 start to the season with a 111-29 point spread is certainly something to write home about. Nico Hrouda at quarterback has been a huge impact, with four touchdowns and 283 yards on his last appearance. Max Fine, the American receiver has been the standout thus far. Fabian Eder and Feodor Chepyzhov are two young receivers who should be on everyone’s watch list in 2024 and beyond. On defense, Max Grunsteidl is a linebacker who has received high praise and is expected to be another Austrian player who has great success in Europe. Chepyzhov has been inactive over the first two games but hopefully, he can make a return to the field soon.

Danube Dragons

The Dragons are certainly not short in the talent department either. Steve McShane at running back is a familiar face to those who watched the Leipzig Kings in 2023. Samuel Imarhiagbe at receiver is excellent and unquestionably one of the best receivers in the country. On the offensive line, another veteran of the game, Dennis Kenzler lines up. Kenzler was a Man of the Year in 2022 and has made a big impact already. The defensive line has one of the brightest defensive line prospects in all of Europe – Destiny Idiahi. He has been featured in articles and productions from a variety of creators. Idiahi is looking better every season. This year the improvements have come in his lateral movement and quickness. This is going to be terrifying, not only for the Viking’s offensive line but everyone in the AFL. It’s only a matter of time before teams outside of Europe start looking at him when they need a premier defensive end.

In summary

To conclude, this game is one of the biggest on the whole European calendar for any league at any level. A must watch for sure.

I was told this rivalry doesn’t have an official name, but the Vienna Classic has somewhat of a ring to it. As for a prediction, I am going to go for a Dragons win. As for the score, 35-21.

I can’t wait to find out!

Watch live here. Vienna Vikings @ Danube Dragons, March 31, 14:00 CET (2 pm, 8 am EDT)