LIVESTREAM IFAF European Qualifier, Finland vs Denmark, October 8, 13:00 CET (1 PM, 7:00 ET)

In an all-Scandinavian battle, Finland will host nearby Denmark in this International Federation of American Football European qualifier. These two teams both have talented rosters looking to bounce back in from last year and earn a medal in the next IFAF European Championship.

For firepower on this Finnish offense look no further than European League of Football championship game MVP Kimi Linnainmaa. The former CFL player put up 125 yards and threw a touchdown as his Vienna Vikings took home the ELF title three weeks ago. Veterans Micky Kyei and Mikko Seppanen also join him on the outside.

LIVESTREAM IFAF European Qualifier, Finland vs Denmark, October 8th, 13:00 CET (1 PM, 7:00 ET)(This livestream is geoblocked in Finland)

Throwing them the ball with be Ambro Urransson. The young dual-threat quarterback will be joined in the backfield by Nico Barrow and Tom Suoste. Offensive linemen Tony Koskinen and Aki Aho along with bruising fullback Asko Mantymaki should open holes in the run game.

Defensively, Finland’s strength is up front as Christer Berg, Ville Valasti, and Jonis Heikkinen look to win their battles at the line of scrimmage against a physical Danish offensive line. Linebackers Saidou Jallow and Helsinki Roosters star Taavi Aronpaa hope to contain a talented Danish backfield.

In the secondary, Akseli Olin and Peter Lundstrum team up to bring both big hits and ball skills. Look for new head coach Mikko Koikkalainen to bring some interesting blitzes against this strong Danish offensive line.

The Danish offense will be quarterbacked by veteran Alexander Kronberg-Bjerre. The Danish pocket passer spent the past two seasons playing in the German Football League for the Ravensburg Razorbacks.

Receivers Simon Fons and Jens Ole Kaae give the offense two tall pass catchers who can block and make contested catches over defenders. Running backs Jakob Michaelsen and Magnus Norgaard hopes to find space behind lineman Nicholas Stokholm and Benjamin Qvist.

Defensively, Mads Neilsen and Mikkel Oroft Foldager look to stuff the run from the defensive line. Behind them, Nichlaj Neilsen and Christopher Chistensen roam the linebacker spots, with defensive backs Casper Block and Emil Brugge roaming the backend.

LIVESTREAM IFAF European Qualifier, Finland vs Denmark, October 8th, 13:00 CET (1 PM, 7:00 ET)(This livestream is geoblocked in Finland)

Team Finland Roster

1 Olin Akseli DB
2 Kuikka Niko DB
6 Laalo Elmeri DB
8 Pajarinen Lassi RB
9 Urjansson Ambro QB
10 Kyei Micky WR
11 Seppänen Mikko WR
12 Pulkkinen Aleksi K
14 Barrow Nico RB
16 Lempinen Viljo DB
17 Särkelä Janne WR
20 Ojainväli Markus DB
22 Laine Roni DB
24 Lundström Peter DB
25 Lehtonen Tuukka RB
27 Suoste Tom RB
31 Lehtonen Veikka LB
32 Linnainmaa Kimi WR
39 Jokinen Jaakko DB
41 Aronpää Taavi LB
42 Lindsten Ville TE
44 Nuikka Timi LB
46 Lindfors Willy LB
49 Tuokko Aatu DB
50 Asklöf Viktor OL
51 Berg Christer DL
53 Vehkomäki Samuli OL
54 Jallow Saidou LB
55 Valasti Ville DL
57 Jääskeläinen Jari-Antti DL
68 Aho Aki OL
70 Hvitfelt Tuomas OL
71 Närhi Aleksi OL
72 Saastamoinen Elmeri OL
73 Koskinen Tony OL
74 Korhonen Roope OL
79 Hietajärvi Henri DL
81 Vehkomäki Santtu WR
88 Jauhiainen Johannes WR
89 Mäntymäki Asko TE
91 Paakki Iiro-Pekka TE
92 Heinonen Atro DL
95 Tuominen Timi DL
96 Olavuo Aleksi DL
98 Heikkinen Jonis DL

Team Denmark Roster

1 Mads Marquard Nielsen DL
2 Emil Benjamin Brügge DB
4 Jakob Ringsholt Michaelsen RB
6 Kenneth Larsen-Ledet DB
7 Alexander Kronborg Bjerre QB
8 Oliver Nyby Tribler TE
9 Alexander Schwartz-Kristensen QB
10 Casper Løth Bloch DB
11 Simon Yde Thomsen DL
15 Benjamin Kløvning Worm DL
17 Jonas De Zoete Kongsted WR
18 Christoffer Bay Carstens QB
19 Nicholaj Stokholm Birkjær Nielsen LB
21 Magnus Alexander Bitsch DB
22 Magnus Nørgaard RB
23 Victor Kofod Christensen LB
25 Rasmus Kruse Dinesen DB
26 Simon Ravnsbæk Olsen DB
28 Troels Dahl Kristensen DB
29 Michel Sindou Charter Konate RB
31 Jacob Videbæk Hansen LB
35 Lucas Mortensen DL
41 Frederik Gellert Høgh LB
45 Christopher Zimmer Christensen LB
53 Victor Andrè Thillemann Beauvais DL
54 Benjamin Qvist OL
55 Timm Hjaltalin Bertelsen OL
58 Oliver Roland Huber Johansen DL
64 Nicholas Møller-Hansen OL
65 Alexander Rath Hakonsen OL
70 Jonas isko Grinderslev OL
72 Rasmus Killmann Brogaard Petersen OL
76 Mathias Roll Hummelmose OL
81 Simon Kobberø Føns WR
82 Frederik Daugaard Andersen WR
87 Jens Ole Kaae Jensen TE
89 Kasper Kaufmann Sørensen TE
99 Mikkel Ørtoft Foldager DL

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