LIVESTREAM: Italy – Parma Panthers @Milano Seamen, Sat. Apr. 6, 6p CEDT (12p EDT)

The 1-2 injury-riddled Parma Panthers head to Milan, Italy to face the unbeaten Milano Seamen (3-0) Saturday, April 6 in Italy’s Div. I, in a game which is usually a battle for first place.

Instead, today the Panthers are battling for survival.

While the Seamen have cruised through the first three games of the regular season with relative ease, beating the Bergamo Lions 37-0, Bologna Warriors 41-6 and Ancona Dolphins 29-6, Parma has struggled.

After opening the season with a solid 14-10 over Ancona, the Panthers have suffered two straight losses after starting quarterback Reilly Hennessey was hurt. They dropped a 27-17 decision to the Firenze Guelfi and then lost to the Bolzano Giants 20-6. The last time Parma opened the season 1-2 was 2008 and in that year, they reeled off seven straight victories after that to reach the semifinals with an 8-2 record.

Milano’s quarterback Luke Zahradka has been efficient throwing for 624  yards and a league-best 11 TDs. Stefano de Tunisi has 196 yards receiving in three games  and three touchdowns while Xavier Mitchell 224 yards and five touchdowns. The rushing duties have been split between running backs Danilo Bonaparte (89 yds) and Pietro Stillitano (41 yds), while Zahradka has a total of 39.

Reilly has been replaced by Team Italy U19 quarterback Dario Rossi who has thrown for 211 yards in two games. Without Hennessey, the Panthers offense is facing a daunting task. In fact, the Panthers running game will have to make up the difference as RB Alessandro Malpeli Aval has rushed for 199 yards in the two games he has played, scoring three touchdowns.

Watch the game live. Parma Panthers @Milano Seamen, Sat. April 6, 6p CEDT (12p EDT)

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