LIVESTREAM Spain: Las Rozas Black Demons @ Gijon Mariners, March 13, 16:00 (4 pm) ET (10:00 ET)

This weekend in Spain’s Liga Nacional de Fútbol Americano, LNFA, the undefeated Laz Rozas Black Demons (5-0) will visit the Gijon Mariners (0-5) in a rematch of last week.

One week ago, the Black Demons won convincingly on their home field near Madrid 35-0. The Mariners will do everything in their power to bounce back and make this game more competitive on their home turf.

Las Rozas Black Demons @ Gijon Mariners, March 13, 16:00 (4 pm) ET (10:00 ET)

One week ago, the Mariners offense was shut down by a athletic Black Demons defensive unit. Safety Pablo de Diego had an amazing toe-tap interception and linebacker William Lloyd was a key to shutting down the Mariners run game. With the defense keeping the Mariners scoreless, the Black Demons offense did the rest. Quarterback Chris Merchant was on fire throwing for four touchdowns and connecting with receivers Sergio Condes and Daniel Vigil often.

Look for Merchant to use this week to keep building his connection with his receivers as him and the Black Demons get ready for a championship run.

The key to building with them is really taking the time at practice to focus on the little details. In order for our offence to take the step from being good to great, we need to continue to get better at the little things and not think too far ahead.”

The Gijon Mariners defense struggled to contain the dangerous Black Demons receivers last weekend. Las Rozas was able to create big plays from wide receiver screens. The Mariners will have to improve their open field tackling in order to compete this weekend. On the bright side, the Gijon defensive unit was able to make some big plays including a fourth quarter sack and an interception by Pelayo Barredo. Offensively, the Mariners will have to do better in order keep this game close.

The Mariners will no doubt find ways to use their two-way weapon, Alex Herrero, more often this week in order to put up some points.

Herrero is definitely not averse to the possibility of pulling off the upset against a confident Black Demons team:

“The taller the tree, the louder the fall”

The undefeated Las Rozas Black Demons will be looking to keep their momentum going as they currently sit in first place.

Expect Las Rozas to use this week to work on the weaker points of their game as they gear up for a championship run. Nevertheless, Gijon has an excellent opportunity to prove themselves against what right now is the best team in country.

Watch the game live here. Las Rozas Black Demons @ Gijon Mariners, March 13, 16:00 (4 pm) ET (10:00 ET)

Gijon Mariners roster (Click image to enlarge)

Las Rozas Black Demons roster (Click image to enlarge)

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