LIVESTREAM: Team Turkey @Serbia, Sat. Nov. 4 1 p CEST (8a EDT)

After defeating the Pro Hunt Athlete squad last weekend, Team Serbia is back in action again Saturday, November 4 when they take on Turkey in an international friendly at FK Mašinac Stadium in Niš , Serbia.

This is the first time these two teams have played each and it will be the first time Turkey has played another country since playing Romania five years ago.

Serbia’s head coach Vladislav Petkovic:

“The Turks have been preparing for this match longer than us and are taking it very seriously. Most of the team consists of the players from the Koč Rams club, defending Turkish champions. Some of our clubs have played them in European competitions, and some players from our national team have played in the Turkish league.”

Serbia will rely on the same 49 man roster that defeated the Pro Hunt team 14-0.

Team Serbia

Quarterbacks: Mladen Zlatic (Belgrade Blue Dragons) David Lukic Hanomihl, and Aleksa Djokic (Kragujevac Wild Boars).

Running backs: Filip Vlajic, Zeljko Kostic, Mihajlo Novakovic, Aleksandar Bogdanovic

Tight ends: Zeljko Novak, Milan Jeftić

Wide Receivers: Stefan Borković, Bogdan Pavlović, Dejan Jašćur, Miloš Kolibar, Milan Nikolić, Tihomir Todorov

Offensive line: Aleksandar Blažić, Vladimir Ikraš, Stefan Drecun, Miljan Džogazović, Ćiro Jordanov, Nemanja Graovac, Branko Mutić, Luka Škorić

Defensive line: Aleksandar Doder, Miloš Lišanin, Nebojša Mirković, Danilo Mijušković, Milorad Novaković, Igor Timotijević, Nikola Savić

Defensive backs: Marko Bates, Luka Beljanski, Aleksa Denovic, Tiodor Grujovic, Aleksandar Borkovic, Marko Milovanovic, Aleksa Miskovic, Djordje Petrovic, Nemanja Vuckovic, Goran Zec

Linebackers: Uroš Kolaković, Mihajlo Josović, Luka Vujnović, Aleksandar Jovanović, Ivan Krković, Danijel Maksimović, Lazar Bogićević

Kicker/punter: Darko Klasan, Vladimir Dimitrijevic

Turkey’s head coach, Erdem Ozalih, said his team’s goal was to test themselves against a strong opponent like Serbia, but also to uncover the areas they needed to focus on to prepare for future international games and to give their younger players valuable international experience.

“We tried to include a new and relatively complex offense in a very short space of time, and we are eager to see how this will work against one of the strongest defenses in Europe. We are aware of the fact that Serbia is a very competitive team, the players are great athletes and have been playing together for some time. We know each other well, and with some of our players we are very good friends.”

Team Turkey

WWatch the game live here. Team Turkey @Serbia Sat. Nov. 4 1p CET (8a EDT)

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