LIVESTREAM: Wild Card Playoff – Poland – Warsaw Mets @Tychy Falcons, Sunday, June 9 4pm CEDT (10a EDT)

The 6-2 Tychy Falcons, second place finishers in Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego North Conference South Conference take on the third place finishers in the North, the Warsaw Mets (4-4) in the Wild Card Playoffs.

The two teams faced each other in the opening game of the season with the Falcons coming out on top 31-13.

Tychy reached the semifinals in 2018 only to lose to the Wroclaw Panthers 28-7. This is the first season in the top league for the Mets.

The Falcons two losses came at the hands of the Panthers (40-12) and Gdynia Seahawks (32-27). For Warsaw, in addition to their loss to the Falcons, they lost to both to the Seahawks (25-7) and Panthers (49-21) as well as to the Bialystok Lowlanders (34-6).

Quarterback Keith Ray is the key to the Falcons offense while the Mets rely on  Terrance Owens. Owens is no stranger to playoff football in Poland as he led the Seahawks to the Polish final in 2016.

While the edge has to go to the Falcons who are playing at home, this is playoff football and anything can happen.

The winner will advance to the semifinal round where they will face the Wroclaw Panthers.

Watch the game live here. Warsaw Mets @Tychy Falcons, Sunday, June 9 4pm CEDT (10a EDT)

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