Mexico Bringing It’s ‘Best Team in History’ To Canton

Head coach of the Mexican national team, Raul Rivera, said Mexico will attend the 2015 Canton IFAF World Championships with the best team in its history.

Now defined, the final roster of the Aztecs has a large number of experienced players and is supported by a  a coaching staff ready to show off their talent.

Rivera Sánchez on his squad;

“It is time to show the world the true value of the development of the sport in Mexico. Today, our players have reached a high competitive level, a high technical level and a high physical level.”

For the head of the squad “just seeing the weight and height averages of the players shows we are traveling to Canton with the biggest and best team in the history of the Mexican national team. It provides a true recognition of the work carried out individually for each player. Although now we are looking to be recognized also as a team. ”

Mexico's head coach, Raul Rivera

Mexico’s head coach, Raul Rivera

The average measurements for the 45 selected athletes is a weight of 104.13 kg (230 lbs) and height as to the average figure is 1.85 m (6’1″)

“‘Canario’ Morales was the UNAM Pumas player in the 1960’s and measured 1.65m (5’4″), weighed 65 kilos (143lbs), and was a national champion and on the national team. Today the offensive line of the Mexico Aztecs national team is an average of 1.95 m (6’4”) and 130 kg (287 lbs). That is a huge difference between athletes of that time and of our time.

“This is not to devalue anyone, but to point out the progress we have achieved. ‘Desalmado’ Garcia and the ‘Turco’ Bernal weighed 65 kg (143 lbs) each, and they themselves were fast and very good, they are our great glories of our football past, but today those numbers are not acceptable in and major American football league much less in a national team.

Mexico's line running pass protection drills

Mexico’s line running pass protection drills

“In Austria in 2011 we brought a great team, a very complete team, the best so far, but the selection we are taking to Canton is undoubtedly the best ever,” said Rivera, who was also responsible for the Meixco national team at the previous edition of the World Championships.

Finally, the coach stressed the experience, both nationally and internationally, of the players that comprise the Mexican team.

“Today we have players with extensive experience in major leagues of college and even the professional, because many of them have participated in the NFL or seek at this time to join that league. Many of them have played in other countries or in international matches, with the Mexican national team, and that gives them an experience that other teams at the Worlds will not have.”


A former American football player and Taekwondo competitor, Jose graduated from the UNAM, is a passioniate American football fan and writes and follow American football on his blog Joslar Sport.