New American Football League in Brazil

A brand new eight-team state American football league has been launched in Brazil, the São Paulo Football League, and it kickz off with the Super 8 tournament on May 15.

The teams will play in a Super 8 tournament running from May to July. Among the teams in the Super 8 will be three of Brazil’s powerhouse teams, the Corinthians Steamrollers, Lusa Lions and Santos Tsunami. The league will also feature traditional teams such as the Palmeiras Locomotives, São Paulo Storm, Botafogo Challengers and newcomers São Caetano Blue Birds and Ponte Preta Gorilas.

Brazil - Sao Paulo league

“The league’s goal is to treat football games as well organized events, focusing more than ever in the public” suggested Ricardo Trigo, Corinthians Steamrollers’ president.

As most of the teams participating in the Super 8 are affiliated with traditional soccer clubs in Brazil, the tournament that will kick off May 15th and finish July 10th. Most of its games will be played in large soccer stadiums with large public capacity.

Brazil - Sao Paulo league - Super 8 logo

The São Paulo Football League promises well-run events and will offer fans a different experience:

“We want to provide adequate structure… stadiums, food, beverages, security for the public… People do not want to leave their home just for a football game, entertainment is needed, and interaction with the public is needed, it needs to be a big event” suggested Luiz Paulo do Amaral de Macedo, Palmeiras Locomotives.

AFI contacted Corinthians Steamrollers International Relations manager and advocate for the growth of Brazilian football, Felipe Pereira, for his input on the creation of the new league:

“I am very confident that this league will be very successful and happy that the participating teams have understood that focusing on the spectator is key to professionalizing the sport”.

As with most statewide leagues played in Brazil, the Super 8 tournament will help teams prepare for national championships played in the second half of the year.

Brazil - Sao Paulo league week 1

Week 1 schedule: May 15

More information on the São Paulo Football League and game schedules can be found on the league’s website:

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