On-Site Betting vs. Online Betting: The Impact of COVID-19 in Football Betting Preferences

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people across the globe. The vast government lockdowns have also brought drastic changes in consumer behavior, especially in the gambling industry.

Online Betting During Lockdowns

Many people are experiencing financial hardships because of the global health crisis. However, it is well documented that regular gamblers are more than six times more likely to bet online than before the COVID-19 outbreak.

For this reason, many regular gamblers turn to new online gambling options, such as online sports betting, during lockdowns.

The Benefits of Online Betting

Many sporting events and major leagues such as the NFL have been suspended during the height of the pandemic.

The cessation of various sporting events and leagues has also limited certain forms of gambling. Many physical betting sites have to stop their operations temporarily following state policies and health protocols.

However, this unprecedented event has led to the booming of esports gambling, which dramatically gained popularity during lockdown periods.

The NFL, and other major leagues, have held matchups in a bubble for teams to play safely during the pandemic. Ensuring a safe gambling experience, online sports betting sites have become a secure and more convenient option for bettors.

Although on-site betting may be more exciting for some, online betting is much more accessible, as it allows you to gamble from home.

In addition, bet sizes are more fluid online. So regardless of your financial situation, online betting sites offer more options that will suit your budget.

Today, many online sportsbooks cover massive sports betting matchups. They also offer special bonuses and exciting promotions to help bettors earn more.

If you’re a first-time bettor, a trusted betting site may give you rewards to make betting more fun. Some online bookies even provide “bet limits” to ensure responsible gambling.

Most oddsmakers also offer bettors various odds comparisons. You can shop for different lines, compare them, and utilize the one that provides bigger payouts.

Do you want to bet on the NFL? Here’s some information on how football betting works.

How NFL Betting Works

There are numerous ways you can stake on the NFL. If you’re located in Colorado, where sports betting is legal, make sure to choose a licensed and regulated online sportsbook.

You should first set up your account by following the betting site’s instructions. Make sure to check the terms and conditions before entering any payment information.

NFL Betting Options to Try


Moneyline bets are stakes that allow you to predict the team that will win the game outright. A stronger contender in a matchup is represented by a minus (-) sign. Meanwhile, the underdog team has a plus (+) sign attached to the number representing its odds.

Totals or Over/Under Bets

Totals allow you to predict whether the overall points earned by both teams will go “over” or “under” the predetermined value set by oddsmakers.

Point Spread

A point spread is what oddsmakers use to level the playing field. It has three possible outcomes: win, loss, or push.

A push happens when the result of a matchup falls precisely on the point spread margin, resulting in a canceled bet.

Prop Bets

Prop bets or “novelty stakes” are based on occurrences in a sporting event that don’t directly impact the game’s outcome.

Prop bets usually revolve around an individual player’s performance or a team’s milestone. For example, will Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers become the 2021 NFL MVP?

Take Away

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to various societal changes. Physical and social distancing measures, lockdowns, and strict health protocols have become the standards to curtail the spread of the deadly disease.

Since its onset, the COVID-19 outbreak has also disrupted many sporting events across the globe.

Little is known about when this crisis will end. However, it shouldn’t stop people from doing the activities they love.

Online sports betting is thriving. Perhaps, its sudden popularity resulted from the fans’ desire to reconnect with their passion for sports amidst the pandemic.


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