Orcs, Spartans Finals Rivals Again in Argentina’s Rosario League

The Orcs defeated the Spartans 6-0 in the final regular season game of the year in Argentina’s Rosario League to finish the year undefeated with an 8-0 record and a huge advantage going into the final.

Scoring 110 points in the eight game series, the Orcs dominated and look to defend their title in the V Flag Bowl championship final October 22. And their opponents will be the Spartans.

Defense ruled the day against the Spartans as the offense struggled. Nevertheless, Albano Scorza, Ignacio Collauti, German Nitsch, Gastón Part and Federico Protti did stand out.

However, the Spartans had no answers and did not get closer than the Orcs 30 yard line. Captains Jorge Mardenlli and Javier Torres could not find a way to solve the Orcs defense. Torres, recognized as the top player in the league in 2016 was stymied.

For the Spartans to have a chance to get their revenge and defeat the Orcs in next week’s final, Torres will have to step up.

More about American football in Argentina

The Rosario Football League is one of four American football leagues operating in Argentina. Of the other three, the Cordoba Football League had its final earlier in October with the Coyotes winning the title.

The Buenos Aires league semifinals were this past weekend while the Mendoza league is strictly a flag football league for now.




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