PREVIEW: Austrian Football League (AFL) Gets Underway

[tps_header]Preview: 2015 Austrian Football League[/tps_header]

[tps_title]American Football Bund Österreich[/tps_title]

The clamor from fans for the start of the 2015 season in Austria has been unprecedented this past off season, a testament to the growing popularity of American football in this alpine country. It has gained such a secure foothold that the NFL broadcasting team in AustriaWalter Reiterer and Michael Eschlbock – have been nominated for a major television award in Austria. 

The Austrian Football Federation (AFBÖ) season kicks off the 2015 season this Sunday with the traditional rivalry in a game that is already being billed by both teams as the most important game of season as the defending champion Vienna Vikings host their arch rivals, the Swarco Raiders. An Austrian Bowl rematch, it marks the start of the race for Austrian, and maybe even European supremacy.

Let’s take a look at all five teams.


Jim Ward, Ivan Zivko, Shuan Fatah, Chris Calaycay und Blaine Bennett. The AFL Coaches are ready for the 2015 AFL season.

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