PREVIEW: Austrian Football League (AFL) Gets Underway

[tps_title]Danube Dragons[/tps_title]

Danube Dragons 2015

The Danube Dragons have not made the trip to the Austrian Bowl since 2010.

This season again, head coach Ivan Zivko’s team will be rebuilding. National team wide receivers Thomas Haider and Georg Pongraz have decided to retire.

Austria - Danube dragons logoThe new offensive squad will fight for a spot in the playoffs led by former Graz Giants quarterback Alex Good and national team running back Florian Pos. These two should account for the bulk of the running game and offense. These first matches will be an important indicator of Alex Good’s quality. Head coach Ivan Zivko is aware of the challenges that lie ahead for his Dragons.

“We have had a major upheavel on offense but with Alex Good, we have a great package that gives me confidence for the upcoming season.”

On the defensive side, the unit remains intact for coordinator Stefan Pokorny except for the loss of starter Mikey Kühnmeyer and the arrival of Thomas Seiler on the defensive line..

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