PREVIEW: Final Round of IFAF Europe Champions League Group Stage

The IFAF Europe Champions League kicks back into gear this weekend with a full offering in the final round of the group stage. The full standings are available at

After this weekend the group winners will be established and will advance to the Champions League Final Four

This year the tournament was awarded to Belgrade, Serbia and will be held July 24-26.

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Champions League West

Madrid’s Osos Rivas (Spain) (0-1) v. London Blitz (Great Britain) (1-0)

Champions League - Osos v. Blitz 2 pic

If ever there was a foregone conclusion in the group round this may well be it.

Two weeks ago, the Blitz defeated the other team in this group, the Aix Argonautes, the number two team in France right now, 27-21. On April 18, the Argonautes turned back Osos Rivas 47-14.

Last week, the Spanish number two team folded their tents in losing to their Spanish rivals the Valencia Firebats 76-0.

The Blitz will be moving on to the semi-finals.

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