PREVIEW: Final Round of IFAF Europe Champions League Group Stage

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L’Hospitalet Pioners (Spain) (0-1) v. Thonon Black Panthers (France) (1-0)

Champions League - Thonon v Pioners 2 pic

Here again, the outcome of this game seems predictable. The Pioners will not qualify for the Spanish playoffs and lost to the Milano Seamen 37-14 in CL action on April 18. The Black Panthers hosted Milano May 2 and put in a solid performance in beating the Seamen 32-23.

The Spanish team has struggled this year with a new head coach and the departure of some key Spanish veteran players. The Black Panthers have begun to find their stride in the French league and climbed back into third after being out of a playoff spot for much of the season. It seems that they are poised to move into the IFAF Champions League semis as well.

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