RIP Igor Boyko

It was with great sadness that the Ukrainian League of American Football, ULAF, announced the passing of former Vinnytsia Wolves and Kyiv Patriots player, Igor Boyko.

Boyko was killed on June 15 during fighting near the village of Orikhove in the Donetsk region of the Ukraine.

The ULAF paid tribute to Boyko on their Facebook page:

“He was defending our country’s freedom and laid down his life for it. May our Hero rest in peace in a better world, and our enemy shall not know peace in this world or in the hereafter! Heroes Never Die! Not in our hearts, not in our memory! Glory to the Hero 🙏May he rest in peace…”

Many more American football players turned soldiers are engaged in the war in the Ukraine.

Another former player who sacrificed his life was Zdolbuniv Eagles defensive back and Ukrainian soldier, 19-year-old Alexander Akinin.

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