Scammer operating in Japan

A person purporting to represent a team or teams from Japan’s X League is trying to scam players out of their money and identities.

If you have received an offer like this, ignore it.

Claiming to be affiliated with the Keishichou Eagles in the X League area (tier 2) (ironically, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police team which does not have a website ) and purporting to offer “too good to be true” contracts of up to $10,000 a month plus accommodation and transportation and everything else to play for the team, they ask for the player to send money for discount transportation, a one-year work permit and “contract acceptance documents”. All of this is a hoax.

The person allegedly conducting this recruiting is Allen Frankstein but sometimes an agent from China but he or she uses several email addresses. Anyone receiving such as email should ignore it entirely. Delete and do not reply.

The X League teams all require personal tryouts with players they are interested in and generally only look for D1 players.

John Gunning from our affiliate in Japan, Inside Sport: Japan:

“The way the XLeague is now you have little to no chance of getting in unless you played at least at FCS level and even then opportunities are limited. Unless you are FBS/NFL/CFL level it’s virtually impossible.”

Similar scams have been perpetrated in China. Europe and Great Britain.

The contract looks legitimate.

It is not. None of these people are affiliated with any teams or leagues in Japan.

Nemanja Kokar of The Podyum and Anthony Bodineau of Europlayers warn members to be vigilant:

Players, do your due diligence! Do not sign anything before checking the background of the team. If you have doubts or would like to know more about certain teams or international football in general, check with us or AFI. These scams have been happening for years now, and the victims are always rookies in the international football world, who do not know how things work.

So whether you are a player or coach, be aware. If anyone has received such an offer or communication contact AFI. 

Remember, there is absolutely no truth to anything these people say.

Be vigilant!! If an offer seems way too good to be true, trust your instincts. It is too good to be true.


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