Is Shanahan Going to Be the Next 49ers Coach?

The San Francisco 49ers didn’t do well at all last season, which is why it was important for the 49ers to look towards a new coach to give them something new to work with as the new season heats up. Any head coach that comes in now will have to rebuild the squad from the ground up, which is why it is going to take a special someone with the ability to do just that. Unfortunately for the 49ers, there aren’t many candidates available with the experience they need to rebuild the team, but one person believed to be on the 49ers radar is Kyle Shanahan, who is currently the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons are still playing their season, so the 49ers will have to wait for a little longer before they can offer Kyle the role, hoping that he will snatch the offer from their hands. What will Shanahan bring to a side that is low on confidence? Does he even have the experience to succeed in such a big role? Below we’ll have a look at some of the points to consider.

Why is Shanahan Linked with the Position?

Kyle Shanahan has done good things with the Atlanta Falcons, and that has made multiple clubs interested in his ability to lead the offensive line. If you had a look at this Betfred Casino 2017 brand review and had to put some money on red or black on roulette, that would suggest how much chance Kyle Shanahan has at succeeding as the head coach for the 49ers, but it’s a risk the owners are willing to take to make sure they are contenders next season.

He Has the Money to Spend

The 49ers are going through a transitional period at the moment and that means they are changing personnel from the ground up, and that would suggest there could be multiple trades before the new season starts up. Reports suggest that the owners will give Kyle Shanahan up to $90 million to spend on a new dressing room, and that would hopefully give him the capital needed to succeed next season.

Does He Have the Experience?

He is already the Falcons offensive coordinator, so the 49ers management have obviously already seen what he is capable of in terms of coaching his offensive side. Offence is exactly what the 49ers need right now, and whether he does actually have the experience to take the whole team forward is something we are all going to have to wait to see, but he definitely has the offensive experience to succeed.

Will the 49ers Benefit From the Addition of Shanahan?

It’s quite clear Shanahan has the ability to do good things with an offensive squad, but being a head coach is a completely different role and he’ll need to oversee all aspects of running a successful team. If he can find the staff to help him on his way, then he could well have a chance of leading a good 49ers squad out next season that will be able to compete.

Do you think Kyle Shanahan has the quality and experience to succeed in a much bigger role? Or do you think he will fail miserably and the San Francisco owners will be looking for someone new come the end of next season? If he does do something special with the 49ers next season with the finance he has at his disposal, then they could quite quickly go from the team that were very easy to beat last season to the dark horses that can come out as winners in every game they play.

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