St. Petersburg, Ural, Sevastopol Make Statements in Week 2 of the Russian Championship

[tps_title]Russian Championship Week 2[/tps_title]

Chelyabinsk Tanks 0 – Urals Lightings 23

A rainstorm has effectively shut both offences down

While the city of Chelyabinsk might claim to be the birthplace of American Football in Russia, the Tank are the youngest team to come from there and as such, are still looking to gain experience and establish a place for themselves in the Russian Championship. While the Lightings, although the rookies of the national series, are a much older and well-rounded team with plenty of victories in their local tournaments under the belt.

The difference between the two showed in the the very beginning of the game, as the Lightings have completely dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and moved the ball seemingly at will, while completely shutting down the Tanks in the first half. After successfully establishing the run, the guests have opened up their playbook and used a well-timed play passes to the middle of the field vacated by Chelyabinsk linebackers, which allowed them to maintain a lot of offensive balance that the Tanks never managed to counter. Adding to that, the Lightings scored two safeties on the defense to round-up their victory.

The score could have been higher if not for a rainstorm that started in the second half that has shut down both offenses. But that never affected the end result which makes the Lightings emerge as an early leader in the division.

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After being involved in bringing American football to his hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia, Ilya would go on to play in the Japanese X-League, helping his side Tokyo Bullseyes advance all the way to the top tier of the league and become the only