St. Petersburg, Ural, Sevastopol Make Statements in Week 2 of the Russian Championship

[tps_title]Russian Championship Week 2[/tps_title]

Sevastopol Titans 24 – Simferopol Taurus 6

The Crimean peninsula boasts one of the oldest and richest American Football traditions in ex-USSR, and the local rivalry between the two major cities and teams there is always an extremely important event for both. Naturally, the home-field advantage becomes a very important in these games, and their first matchup of the 2015 (they split their games in 2014) series was not an exception.

The Titans have started strong and saw a lot of offensive success with a classical grinding football and using their effective run to establish the pass. And while they got most of their first downs on the ground, their first two scores came through the air from their QB Vladimir Dubina that had a very effective game.

Taking a 24-point lead into the half, Sevastopol couldn’t maintain their intensity for the rest of the game and have loosened it’s grip somewhat, allowing the Taurus to score in the 3rd quarter. The could have put more point on the board, but several turnover have effectively sealed the game.

Although the result of the game was a pretty strong victory for the Titans, they know that the rematch in Simferopol will be a very different game for both sides, who are already looking forward to it.

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After being involved in bringing American football to his hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia, Ilya would go on to play in the Japanese X-League, helping his side Tokyo Bullseyes advance all the way to the top tier of the league and become the only