Team Germany releases initial national team roster

After a five-year hiatus, the German national team is in the midst of preparing for its long-awaited return. After several intense training camps spread out across the country head coach Jordan Neuman invited roughly 230 players from 54 different teams in order to find the best German talent ready to represent their country.

Now Neuman and his staff have come out with an initial list of 103 players.

The high number of players selected comes in part because German talent is spread out across several leagues with differing schedules including the ELF, GFL, and others. Having a long list of alternatives ready to go for training camps and or games gives this team options as they prepare for their highly anticipated return to play.

Some notable players on the list are recent NFL International Player Pathway Program selection Marcel Dabo along with former NFL player and sixth-round draft pick Mortiz Böhringer.

Other notables include defensive lineman Marc AnthonyHor, Johannes Wagner and outside linebacker Sesan Jelvani. In the defensive backfield, veterans Nico Lester, Tim Unger, and Joshua Poznanski are all coming off of strong seasons in the AFL and ELF.

Offensively, the list includes quarterbacks Salieu Ceesay and Sonny Weishaupt along with former CFL receiver Max Zimmerman. A large group of veteran offensive linemen should pair well with dynamic running back such as Dean Tanwani, Gerald Ameln, and Justin Rodney.

Read more about coach Neuman’s training camps here

See the full roster here

Position Group Team First Name Last Name Position
Offensive Line



Dresden Monarchs







2 Cologne Crocodiles Sven Breidenbach LT
3 New Yorker Lions Gerrit Brand LT
4 Dresden Monarchs Philip Most OG
5 SH Unicorns Moritz Schreiber C
6 Kuopio Steelers Basil Weber OT
7 Triangle Razorbacks Matthias Stockamp LG
8 SH Unicorns Marlon Werthmann C/G
9 New Yorker Lions Benhur Ayra G
10 Cologne Crocodiles Johnatan Peppler G
11 Dresden Monarchs Hermann Schramm C/G
12 Straubing Spiders Dominik Ondra OG
13 Frankfurt Galaxy Sven Fischer C OG
14 SH Unicorns Lukas Mayer OT
15 SH Unicorns Robert Hager OL
Wide Receivers
1 SH Unicorns Moritz Böhringer WR
2 Dresden Monarchs Robin Wilzek WR
3 Munich Cowboys Kai Silbermann WR
4 Berlin Adler Max Zimmermann WR
5 Leipzig Kings Timothy Knuettel WR/QB
6 Frankfurt Galaxy Lorenz Regler WR
7 SH Unicorns Aurieus Minton WR
8 Hamburg Sea Devils Benjamin Mau WR
9 Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Benedikt Englmann WR
10 Frankfurt Galaxy Marvin Rutsch WR
11 Cologne Centurions Justin Schlesinger WR
12 Ingolstadt Dukes Jan Hochschild WR
13 New Yorker Lions Justus Holtz WR
14 Stuttgart Surge Louis Geyer WR
15 Frankfurt Galaxy Hendrik Schwarz WR/ST
Tight Ends
1 Berlin Adler Yannick Rohrschneider TE
2 Cologne Centurions Florian Eichhorn TE
3 Berlin Thunder Nicolai Schumann TE
4 Marburg Mercenaries Philipp Eichhorn TE
Running Backs
1 Cologne Crocodiles Dean Tanwani RB
2 Frankfurt Galaxy Gerald Ameln RB
3 Dresden Monarchs David Baum RB
4 Dresden Monarchs Yazan Nassar RB
5 Berlin Adler Ali Khalife RB
6 Hamburg Sea Devils Johann Hummel RB
7 Frankfurt Galaxy Justin Rodney RB/ST
8 Cologne Crocodiles Sergej Kendus RB
1 Saarland Hurricanes Leon Helm FB/TB
2 Cologne Centurions Patrick Poetsch FB/LS
1 Frankfurt Galaxy Moritz Johannknecht QB
2 Hamburg Sea Devils Salieu Ceesay QB
3 Langenfeld Longhorns Michel Fritsche QB
4 Dresden Monarchs Marvin Schöne QB
5 Paderborn Dolphins Niklas Gorny QB
6 Marburg Mercenaries Sonny Weishaupt QB
Defensive Line
1 Hamburg Sea Devils Imausen Nelson DE
2 New Yorker Lions Kargel Samuel DE
3 Hamburg Sea Devils Grube Berend DE
4 Marburg Mercenearies Koch Niko NT
5 Düsseldorf Panther Flamur Simon DE/SLB
6 Allgäu Comets Johannes Wagner DT
7 Stuttgart Surge Fürst Marcel DT
8 Frankfurt Galaxy Hor Marc Anthony NT
9 Straubing Spiders Zirngibl Johannes DE
10 Munich Cowboys Siegel Dominic DE
11 Frankfurt Galaxy Udegebe Cedric DE
12 SH Unicorns Zistler Raphael DT
13 SH Unicorns Kress Alexander DT
14 Assindia Cardinals Siegert Felix DE
15 Frankfurt Galaxy Konya Mete DT
16 Solingen Paladins Janek Wenke DE
1 SH Unicorns Louis Bach MLB/Sm
2 Saarland Hurricanes Sasan Jelvani OLB/MLB
3 Cologne Centurions Marius Kensy MLB
4 Cologne Centurions Niklas Liesen MLB
5 SH Unicorns Tobias Löffler Sm
6 New Yorker Lions David Müller MLB
7 Berlin Adler Niels Schroedter MLB/Sm
8 Cologne Crocodiles Lino Schröter MLB
9 Berlin Thunder Paul Seifert W
10 Frankfurt Galaxy Sebastian Silva Gomez W/Sm
11 Berlin Adler Simon Sperner W
12 Lübeck Cougars Alexander James Starcke Sm/W
13 Dresden Monarchs Daniel Stechbarth W/MLB
14 Dresden Monarchs Florian zur Nieden W/Sm
15 Cottbus Crayfish Chris Noak MLB/Sm
1 Barcelona Dragons Nico Lester FS / CB
2 Swarco Raiders Tim Unger Safety / CB
3 Frankfurt Galaxy Joshua Poznanski
4 Berlin Thunder Moritz Thiele
5 Calanda Broncos Konstantin Katz FS
6 Düsseldorf Rhein Fire Richard Grooten
7 Stuttgart Surge Nick Wenzelburger
8 SHU Christian Köppe
1 Düsseldorf Panther Jason Hollinger CB
2 Cologne Centurions Waheed Bhikh CB
3 Hamburg Sea Devils Louis Müller CB
4 Düsseldorf Rhein Fire Till Jansen CB
5 Stuttgart Surge Benjamin Barnes CB / Safety /
6 SH Unicorns Jan Klenk CB
7 Munich Cowboys Joshua Bartz CB
8 SH Unicorns Junior Nkembi
9 Dresden Monarchs Jonas Gacek CB
10 Stuttgart Surge Marcel Dabo CB
1 Dresden Monarchs Florian Finke K/P
2 Lübeck Cougars Erik Schlomm K/P
3 SHU Unicorns Tim Stadelmeyer K
4 Berlin Thunder Jonas Schenderlein K/P

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