Germany: 2021 GFL All-Stars revisited

With German Bowl XLII coming up this weekend, let’s take a look at the best players in the German Football League during the regular season.

These All Stars were voted on at the end of the regular season by the various GFL coaches along with league commentators Nicolas Martin, Christian Schimmel, and Andreas Renner. Coaches were not allowed to vote for players on their own teams, and the players voted for had to have played in over 50% of their team’s games. At import heavy positions (QB, WR, RB, CB, S) at least one player voted for must be European.

Offensive All-Stars

Dresden Monarchs QB KJ Carta-Samuels Photo: Nicol Marschall

Quarterbacks: KJ Carta-Samuels (Dresden Monarchs), Josh Goldin (Saarland Hurricanes), Christian Strong (Cologne Crocodiles)

Running backs:  Jake Mayon (Potsdam Royals), John Santiago (Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns) Glen Toonga (Allgäu Comets)

Wide receivers: Aaron Jackson (Cologne Crocodiles), Markell Castle (Cologne Crocodiles), Weston Carr (Kiel Baltic Hurricanes), Kai Silbermann (Munich Cowboys)

Fullback: Leon Helm (Saarland Hurricanes)

Wide Receivers Aaron Jackson (Cologne Crocodiles) Photo: New Yorker Lions

Tight end: Ryan Smith (Ravensburg Razorbacks)

Offensive line: Sven Breidenback (Cologne Crocodiles), David Beale (Cologne Crocodiles), Yasir Raji (Potsdam Royals), Herrmann Schramm (Dresden Monarchs), Aaron Wahl (Dresden Monarchs)

Kicker: Florian Finke (Dresden Monarchs)

Defensive All-Stars

Kiel linebacker Darin Hungerford lead the GFL with 121 tackles Photo: Dieter Bethke

Defensive line: Dominik Siegel (Munich Cowboys), Jermaine Guynn (Allgäu Comets), OJ Thompson (Potsdam Royals), Peter Arentsen (Allgäu Comets)

Linebackers: Martin Pinter (Cologne Crocodiles) Jeremy Conley (Ravensburg Razorbacks), Darin Hungerford (Kiel Baltic Hurricanes) Sasan Jelvani (Saarland Hurricanes)

Unicorns cornerback Monteze Latimore led the GFL with seven interceptions Photo: Sara Phillip

Cornerbacks: Monteze Latimore (Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns) Abu Daramy-Swaray (Potsdam Royals) Benjamin Krahl (New Yorker Lions)

Safeties: Chaz Elder (Saarland Hurricanes) Paul Morant (Berlin Rebels) Tim Hagmann (Dresden Monarcks)

Punter: Paul Morant (Berlin Rebels)

Coach of the Year:  Christos Lambropoulos (Saarland Hurricanes)

GFL coach of the year Christos Lambropoulos being interviewed after finishing with a historic 8-2 record Photo: Demmer Fotografie

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