Top 5 European League of Football Receivers

The European League of Football is starting back up this very month for season 4.

What better way to continue than to give the projections for the top players in each position? The quarterbacks have been covered but now we have to go into the receivers.

This receiver class is a very interesting one. There is no Malik Stanley or Terryon Robinson. Markell Castle, William Paterson, Anthony Mahoungou, and Nathaniel Robitaille are in new locations.  New players like Matt Cole, Jon Cole and Darion Chafin are making their ELF debuts. There are so many factors to consider but in this one, we only want to look at the pure talent perspective. Not the outside factors in the team such as quarterback, offensive line, and scheme. We are going purely off of the tape, scouting reports and how they are projected to perform in the ELF.

Now we don’t want to ruin the order from the beginning. Naturally, they’ll be gradually revealed on the video, but we can give some insight into one of the less talked about players that feature on this list.

Connor Wedington is a receiver who is not getting a lot of attention coming into the year after signing with the Cologne Centurions. This is likely because Cologne is not expected to be a contender and may find themselves at the bottom of the division because of the difficulty they’ll face in the West. However, Wedington is a former Stanford receiver who has spent time in the NFL on practice squads around the league.

He is fast, lengthy, has great hands and will be a key part of the year from day one. Cologne quarterback Isaiah Weed is going to be relying on Wedington a lot with the losses that the Centurions suffered with in their offense and defense during the off-season. The overall factors mean he may not be a stat sheet stuffer in his European debut, but he is certainly going to be one of the most talented players entering the league in 2024.

Check out the video for the list and analysis of the top receivers in the ELF.