United Arab Emirates Falcons set to face EFAF Pharoahs in Cairo, Egypt

The EFAF (Egyptian Federation of American Football) Pharoahs play their first-ever international game when they face the UAE (United Arab Emirates) Falcons on Friday, November 2 at the New Giza Sporting Club in Cairo, Egypt.

The Pharoahs, an all star team composed of players from EFAF, enter the game with a 40 man roster. The three-time EFAF champion GUC Eagles have the largest representation with 14 players on the Pharoahs roster. The reigning champion Cairo Hell Hounds are next with 11 players while the Cairo Wolves have six, the Cairo Bears five and the MSA Tigers four.

Moby Omar, the head coach of the Pharaohs, is also the current head coach and defensive coordinator of the GUC Eagles. The Falcons are coached by Patrick Campos.

Over the past 24 months the Falcons, an all star team made up of players from the various teams in the Emirates American Football League, have played in seven international contests winning six of those games. Playing against teams from Romania, Saudi Arabia,  Kazakhstan, Holland, Serbia and India,  the Falcons have been building bridges through football while growing and helping improve the level of the game in the Emirates.

The 28 man roster for the Falcons is a true mix of international players with seven from the USA, six from Canada, five from the UK, three from Germany and Egypt and one each from Australia, Denmark, Mexico and Hungary.

The Dubai Stallions have the highest number of players on the Falcons with 14 while the Dubai Barracudas have seven and the Abu Dhabi Wildcats four and the Al Alin Desert Foxes have three players.

The head referee is Tim Brown who is currently the official trainer and adviser to the Egyptian Federation of American Football.

EFAF Pharoahs Roster

UAE Falcons Roster

The game will not be livestreamed.

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